Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's probably a specific demographic...

... which I alarmingly fit into and I'm sure there are others there who saw it and thought 'awwww /detour down memory lane'. At least I hope so - it can't just be me. Explanation incoming after brief detour. (And you're only getting a bloody post because the log-in server appears to have overloaded. Le sigh. Resentful? Moi? Never.)

I'm slightly underwhelmed with Kezan - apologies to everyone else who I'm sure just adooores it. I love my goblin - don't get me wrong, she's a feisty gal with fucking awesome hair and piercings, and she works really well with her imp (there goes my plan for her to be an aff-lock... clearly she needs to be demo so she can always default to imp-as-minion-of-choice) and generally she'll be everything that I wanted her to be. But Kezan just didn't do it for me. I really wanted to enjoy it, so I went slowly, reading every word of the quest text and listening to the NPCs (who are pleasingly comedic), which is unusual for me, usually I skim and the thought process is somewhat blah, blah, blah, kill ten of those, go see him, blah, blah, blah etc etc but this time I bothered to read properly. Because I wanted to care - I wanted the investment that I have in my Forsaken hunter, but I'm afraid that basically I don't. I'm not going into details - you'll either have done it or will be about to do it so I'm not spoiling anyone's fun here.

So specific demographic, yes. The hot rod tool tip just made me giddy. For those who either haven't seen it or didn't take it in, it is as follows: Rollin' in your 5.0, with the rag top down, so your hair can blow. Atrociously embarrassing confession coming up. I can recite every lyric to that song (much to my children's complete and total horror) and it was the first gig I ever went to. When I was 12. And somewhere, although possibly (probably) it got binned when my parents moved from my childhood home, is the towel that he threw off stage - after wiping his, umm, slightly sweaty chest (and probably, in all honesty, 'pits on), that I nearly had my arm broken getting. I couldn't talk for two days after that gig, and my mother was told, in words of one syllable, that she was never, ever to wash that towel. And I'll stop there, lest I melt into a pool of ghee from utter embarrassment. But thanks for that Blizz, it made me truly happy.

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  1. Had to google that. Then may have a had a TenaLady moment...