Thursday, 30 December 2010

Excessive consumer consumption over and done.

It's gotta be a miracle of some sorts - Christmas is over and I didn't get one duff present! How awesome is that? However, in all the excitement I failed to log in on the Day itself and pick up my prezzies from Great Father Winter. But... Himself had been telling me for weeks that the big box under the tree that was driving me insane with curiosity was a baby lion. Ok, it wasn't a lion but it was quite close. (In fact, the big box contained a super-snazzy expresso maker - this was in a smaller box, poor little chap!)

I'm sure Grand Father Winter wouldn't have given me this.

He gets everywhere - even laying claim to my side of the bed!

I'm always late to the party with these kinda things - I know that everyone else had them months ago, but he's super-cute and growls very ferociously (both in game and out. No, just kidding there. In game only, I promise.)

Happy 2011 guys and gals - have a great New Years and a clear head on 1 January...


  1. *iz green*

    I want one of those too! (I got Cata and the J!nx baby murloc shirt though)

    *dies of kyoot*

  2. *squee!*

    I finally got a Windrider Cub, too, for my birthday (three days after Christmas). XD

  3. @ Pulse - oooooooh *squees for you* - gief piccy plox ;)

    @ Kam - yay! And Happy Birthday (a bit late!) xxx