Friday, 3 December 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Faction Pride

DISCLAIMER: this post is quite likely to be gushy and full of how much I love WoW version 2.0, so if you’re feeling generally grumpy about it, and are awaiting your goblin/worgen with bad grace, stop reading now.

If I’d have written this post a few days ago (i.e. on time) it would have been fence-sitter-y. I’d have written about how I’ve always played both Horde and Alliance, and I would have made repeated mention of how I have never really ‘got’ faction pride, in any real sense. I started off playing Horde, then spent a few years playing mainly Alliance, then switched to Horde again early this year, then recently re-visited Alliance to catch up with people I missed. All pre The Shattering, which has, of course, utterly changed how I view ‘factions’ and ‘pride’. If you have yet to play any of the new start zones, you may want to stop reading. I’ll try and keep discussion about specific quest lines to a minimum but I’ll probably mention some stuff here and there.

Whilst I have made two new troll characters and done a bit with them, the character that I’m really enjoying is my Forsaken hunter. She’s still only a baby and has yet to hit level 20 – mainly because I originally made her on my PvE realm, grew to really like her and then remade her on AD on the basis that she was going to get serious play time (and, ahem, that my heirloom gun and dagger is on AD…) My original one had a darkhound as a pet (because I’ve always wanted one!) but my Mk2 version has a grey worg (technically a ‘rare’ from Silverpine, but as I keep seeing it, I assume it’s one of those lowbie zone rares, i.e. not very rare at all.) Himself has pointed out that the Dark Rangers have spiders, and true, you get one as your starting pet but I just don’t like them. They don’t feel very ‘pet’ like to me. And I didn’t want a bear and as I’ve yet to do any real ‘sploring then a worg seemed like a good choice.

Pets aside though – ohmygod how awesome are the Forsaken now? Sylvanas is just the Lady and… they have val’kyr! I want one for Christmas. I really do. More than anything… She’d look great in the corner of my bedroom. Ahem. Where was I? Forsaken, yes. Quest chains of total awesomeness. I wasn’t sure, even after the whole troll start area thing, that I could loathe and despise Garrosh more, but then he called Sylvanas a bitch (he did, he really did – how not cool is that??) and I discovered that I had room for an additional sprinkling of hate on top of my Garrosh-hate stew. Talk about a genetic throwback *breathes* But the quest chains, they really, really draw you in. I’m well aware that this is going to sound slightly weird, but I’m glad that I had no desire to play a worgen, because I’m not sure I could now. Seriously. That’s how good the quests and the plotlines are. Hats off to Blizzard – they’ve sorted my immersion. Worgen hatred, and, I’m discovering, human hatred too now. Surely this is how the game should play? You should completely lose yourself in the storylines, not just kill ten rats. I’ve never been that good with lore and plotlines until now. Himself is a few zones ahead of me, so some of it I’ve seen already (Jenny Awesome anyone? I haven’t got quite that far but Himself’s laughter has been echoing round the flat most of the day – it’s certainly given him immense amounts of pleasure – I suspect, as it’s belf-mockery, I might enjoy it a little less than he did…) but even so, the cut scenes are fantastic, being flown around by val’kyr is superb and I’m running out of adjectives here…

All of which is a long way of saying what I hope is obvious now – that I’m for the Horde!! I’d still rather be for the Horde under Thrall or Saurfang, Sylvanas, Vol’Jin; basically anyone but Garrosh, but I suspect (hope!) that he’ll get his comeuppance eventually (soon!) and then I’ll there to cheer.


  1. What I particularly love about the whole Forsaken / Worgen conflict is that you come out of the Worgen starter zone with good reason to hate the Forsaken as well.

    It's excellent story telling, that makes the conflict more involving.

  2. The start of the chain involving Johnny/Jenny Awesome is my MOST favourite EVAR. Even more than the baby murlocs in the Borean Tundra. There. I said it.

    I viewed it more as player stereotypes mockery than ingame race/class mockery - I'm 100% belf now that I rerolled my warrior!

  3. Forgot to say; I started the new stuff at about 20 - didn't feel like rerolling my mage again - and she's now 50 and I'm not sure how that happened, I've been so sucked in. The number of cinematics though... It's like Blizz are trying to tell us a Story or something ;)

  4. @ Sven - But I don't wanna hate the Forsaken... Need Moar Blight...

    @ Pulse - O.o. see now I'm *really* torn between getting moving on my goblin and carrying on with my Forsaken. And yeah - a Story - what happened to just killing stuffs for phat epixx ;)