Thursday, 30 December 2010

Excessive consumer consumption over and done.

It's gotta be a miracle of some sorts - Christmas is over and I didn't get one duff present! How awesome is that? However, in all the excitement I failed to log in on the Day itself and pick up my prezzies from Great Father Winter. But... Himself had been telling me for weeks that the big box under the tree that was driving me insane with curiosity was a baby lion. Ok, it wasn't a lion but it was quite close. (In fact, the big box contained a super-snazzy expresso maker - this was in a smaller box, poor little chap!)

I'm sure Grand Father Winter wouldn't have given me this.

He gets everywhere - even laying claim to my side of the bed!

I'm always late to the party with these kinda things - I know that everyone else had them months ago, but he's super-cute and growls very ferociously (both in game and out. No, just kidding there. In game only, I promise.)

Happy 2011 guys and gals - have a great New Years and a clear head on 1 January...

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New content at last!

If only I was one of them creative types - I'd be giving you an awesome post with witty, relevant lyrics to this, but no matter how I cudgel my brain I can't come up with any. Instead I'm going to write about how much I love and adore Vashj'ir, and how I want to live there, forever and always. Himself has already been informed that if he loves me he'll give it to me for Christmas Winter Veil. I suspect that in return, he'll want Deepholm (as I write this I hear occasional breathy "ohhh gorgeous" comments coming from behind me - it would be fair to assume that these are aimed at me, but no; it's more Deepholm scenery he's marvelling at.)

As you might have gathered, I've dragged myself (finally) away from my goblin, to one of my much neglected 80s. The lucky gal is Shadrynne, on the basis that she's the one I've done the most with, so she really has dibs on new content stuff. I'd not read much about the new zones, but I knew that Vashj'ir was underwater and wanted to see how that worked so I toddled off there. Aside from the fact that I'd, ahem, not gotten round to training Mastery, and hadn't played priesty since before 4.0 hit (but it's ok because shadow is basically the same... I think - either that or I'm screwing up my rotation badly!) and my second talent tree is still open - I'm trying to decide between holy or disc (or neither!) I think I'm doing ok.

So Vashj'ir. Can you just insert the fawning comments here and wipe the drool off the keyboard? Many thanks. I have never, ever played through a zone that I love as much as this one. I'm not all that bothered if it makes me shallow as a paddling pool. (Hi - I'm Pilf... we've met, right?) I like zones that are visually appealing. And Vashj'ir is - what's the word I'm looking for here? Stunning. Yeah, that'd be it. Everything about it is gorgeous. I loved the questlines - the Battlemaiden one in particular is just awesome - go and do it now! I could not BELIEVE it when about 5 quests in they handed me a seahorse mount. Seriously. Having been swimming around on the borrowed one, and thinking wistfully how nice it would be to have one, chance would be a fine thing, *sulk*, etc - then to be handed one...! Himself, who knew it was coming, and who HADN'T told me, came in chuckling as I was mid gleeful, delighted squee of joy, and said he'd wanted to tell me, but wanted to hear me find out for myself more. And because I have shadow form, I have shadow seahorse, which is pleasingly evil. (What I should have, of course, is sparkle form. Not a sparkle pony, sparkleform, it's more me than shadowform really... then I could have a sparkly seahorse...) The only problem is that I don't want to leave here. Maybe I can hit 85 here, if I kill a LOT of mobs...?

And in case I don't get round to posting again before the 25th, I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a cool Yule, Happy Holidays - whatever you want to call it, just have a good time with the ones that you're close to. And take the time to raise a glass to those who aren't there.

Love, kisses and all the best for a wonderful 2011

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - The BIG Question.

This is a seriously brain-melting question. Where would I be now if WoW didn’t exist? Or where would I be now if I’d never started playing? Or are those two questions essentially the same thing anyway? I can’t tell you where I would be, but I can tell you where I wouldn’t be. See the difference?

It should also be noted that whilst I have written the occasional post that’s full of personal stuff, this one is a whopper - a combination of a love letter to Himself and a (long-overdue) thank you letter to Tam and Miss M, without whom there would be no Himself and Myself. Well, clearly there would be a Him and a Me but there wouldn’t be an Us. If you’re feeling bitter about relationships, or just generally despise and detest romance and joy, stop reading now.

So… are you sitting comfortably?

Back in the spring, I read about a new WoW ‘project’ set up by Tam in Europe and Miss Medicina in the US – SAN, the ‘bloggers’ guild. I’d burnt out from raiding and WoW in general, but missed gaming and being an avid reader (and occasional writer) of blogs, I decided to roll a character on AD and get back into playing. Not long after, my long-term relationship hit the buffers and we split up. I wrote a brief post about this – not to garner sympathy but because I felt the final decision had been mine, and as we were both guilded with SAN it felt like the right thing to do – to let people we gamed with know the score. I was overwhelmed with the support I received; in blog comments, in emails and in in-game chat. I swore off relationships until at least 2011 – I wanted a complete break and for nearly the first time in my life, felt ok about that.

One night I’d gotten talking to a guildie who I vaguely knew – he wrote a witty blog himself and was a regular commentator on my blog. His comments had frequently stood out because he got some of the more obscure references in my posts. He wasn’t particularly vocal in guild chat, but when he did interject it was always with something helpful, well thought out, funny or a combination thereof. I think, but my memory might not be 100% on this, he’d either sent me a tell asking if I was ok or I’d sent him a tell thanking him for his support. We chatted a bit – in particular I recall him being very supportive of my decision to have a ‘relationship detox’ as he called it, and discussing relationships and break ups and coping with the aftermath of them. My initial thoughts regarding intelligence and humour were confirmed and when he eventually logged off (or went afk) to get some wine something cropped up at my end and I went off line. No big deal right?

Over the next few days we chatted a bit more, then one evening, for reasons which continue to allude me, we went from general chatting to something a bit more flirty. But word-play flirty, nothing explicit or untoward. I remember him eventually sending me a tell – up until now we’d been in a chat channel with I think one other person who must have wondered what he’d strolled into, saying that he was struggling with further humour along the lines that we’d been following, and I recall breathing a huge sigh of relief as I’d have had to start recycling puns that I’d made half an hour ago… That night we meandered slowly down the road of more serious flirting, but again, nothing icky, nothing cyber-y. And eventually we logged off. Over the course of a few more nights we progressed from in-game chat, to MSN and email and eventually to an exchange of mobile phone numbers. Then we talked proper for a few nights then it was Friday and neither of us had plans for the weekend. Throwing caution to the winds, we agreed that he’d come down and take me out for supper.

I rang a friend panicking, and asked her to call me at 10pm that night to check I wasn’t bound and gagged in the boot of his car (thanks Feebs *hugs*). I remember giving myself a good talking to. What was I doing, agreeing to meet with someone I’d met over the interwebz? But I also remembered the talks until the early hours, how much I’d liked his voice, how interesting and funny he was, how self-deprecating, how intelligent and how much I wanted to meet him. I had no agenda – at the very least I figured it would be nice to meet him in RL, as it were. I didn’t expect to really like him - that would be expecting too much.

I certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with him in the space of a weekend. I remember very well, on the Saturday afternoon, somewhere quiet in Wiltshire, lying in the sun with my head on his chest and the world stopping. Everything receding, all the noise, the bustle, the internal monologue of ‘must do this, must remember that’ gone. I remember crying, in a “please, no – waaaay to soon, I don’t want this now” way, but also with happiness. It’s so rarely I ‘get’ rapture – those moments where you feel like you really transcend your physical body and something ‘higher’ takes over (sorry for myffic speak, but I’m still struggling to explain it) but that was one of those moments. I remember the crushing feeling of anguish as he dropped me home at crack of dawn on Sunday morning - earlier I'd cried and told him I loved him. Looking at him in profile at the wheel of the car, looking at his wrists on the steering wheel, trying to imprint every moment on my memory. I remember him kissing me and telling me how much he’d like to see me again. And I remember talking to him later that day, and every night thereafter.

He drove down to me every weekend for months. We went abroad for a week in the summer. He bought me the ring I’d described and put it on the fourth finger of my left hand. I left my home, my family, friends and job and moved in with him 6 weeks ago. We went out for supper a fortnight ago – to celebrate our six months together, and talked about the future.

Causality, links in the chain, are so staggeringly fragile. Had Tam not decided on a SAN EU, had SAN not been established on an RP server, had my relationship not gone kaput, had either Himself or I not been bloggers, had we not gotten talking that night, had one of us decided it was too risky to give a phone number to someone online, had one of us gotten cold feet that weekend and cried off. There wouldn’t be an Us. So to Tam and Miss M I offer my heartfelt thanks. Sometimes you change people’s lives without meaning to. You changed mine. You, WoW and Himself. So if it’s all the same with you folks, I’m not going to think about where I’d be if WoW didn’t exist. Because I’m happier now than I’ve been in a very long time, if not forever, and I intend to stay that way. How much of it can I honestly lay at the feet of a game? Most of it. There’s very little likelihood of Himself’s path crossing with mine. We lived 200 miles apart and I can’t fathom a set of circumstances under which we’d have met. Maybe, if you believe in Fate, you’d argue that we would have. I’ll stick to believing in belfs and trolls, if it’s all the same to you…

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's probably a specific demographic...

... which I alarmingly fit into and I'm sure there are others there who saw it and thought 'awwww /detour down memory lane'. At least I hope so - it can't just be me. Explanation incoming after brief detour. (And you're only getting a bloody post because the log-in server appears to have overloaded. Le sigh. Resentful? Moi? Never.)

I'm slightly underwhelmed with Kezan - apologies to everyone else who I'm sure just adooores it. I love my goblin - don't get me wrong, she's a feisty gal with fucking awesome hair and piercings, and she works really well with her imp (there goes my plan for her to be an aff-lock... clearly she needs to be demo so she can always default to imp-as-minion-of-choice) and generally she'll be everything that I wanted her to be. But Kezan just didn't do it for me. I really wanted to enjoy it, so I went slowly, reading every word of the quest text and listening to the NPCs (who are pleasingly comedic), which is unusual for me, usually I skim and the thought process is somewhat blah, blah, blah, kill ten of those, go see him, blah, blah, blah etc etc but this time I bothered to read properly. Because I wanted to care - I wanted the investment that I have in my Forsaken hunter, but I'm afraid that basically I don't. I'm not going into details - you'll either have done it or will be about to do it so I'm not spoiling anyone's fun here.

So specific demographic, yes. The hot rod tool tip just made me giddy. For those who either haven't seen it or didn't take it in, it is as follows: Rollin' in your 5.0, with the rag top down, so your hair can blow. Atrociously embarrassing confession coming up. I can recite every lyric to that song (much to my children's complete and total horror) and it was the first gig I ever went to. When I was 12. And somewhere, although possibly (probably) it got binned when my parents moved from my childhood home, is the towel that he threw off stage - after wiping his, umm, slightly sweaty chest (and probably, in all honesty, 'pits on), that I nearly had my arm broken getting. I couldn't talk for two days after that gig, and my mother was told, in words of one syllable, that she was never, ever to wash that towel. And I'll stop there, lest I melt into a pool of ghee from utter embarrassment. But thanks for that Blizz, it made me truly happy.

Friday, 3 December 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Faction Pride

DISCLAIMER: this post is quite likely to be gushy and full of how much I love WoW version 2.0, so if you’re feeling generally grumpy about it, and are awaiting your goblin/worgen with bad grace, stop reading now.

If I’d have written this post a few days ago (i.e. on time) it would have been fence-sitter-y. I’d have written about how I’ve always played both Horde and Alliance, and I would have made repeated mention of how I have never really ‘got’ faction pride, in any real sense. I started off playing Horde, then spent a few years playing mainly Alliance, then switched to Horde again early this year, then recently re-visited Alliance to catch up with people I missed. All pre The Shattering, which has, of course, utterly changed how I view ‘factions’ and ‘pride’. If you have yet to play any of the new start zones, you may want to stop reading. I’ll try and keep discussion about specific quest lines to a minimum but I’ll probably mention some stuff here and there.

Whilst I have made two new troll characters and done a bit with them, the character that I’m really enjoying is my Forsaken hunter. She’s still only a baby and has yet to hit level 20 – mainly because I originally made her on my PvE realm, grew to really like her and then remade her on AD on the basis that she was going to get serious play time (and, ahem, that my heirloom gun and dagger is on AD…) My original one had a darkhound as a pet (because I’ve always wanted one!) but my Mk2 version has a grey worg (technically a ‘rare’ from Silverpine, but as I keep seeing it, I assume it’s one of those lowbie zone rares, i.e. not very rare at all.) Himself has pointed out that the Dark Rangers have spiders, and true, you get one as your starting pet but I just don’t like them. They don’t feel very ‘pet’ like to me. And I didn’t want a bear and as I’ve yet to do any real ‘sploring then a worg seemed like a good choice.

Pets aside though – ohmygod how awesome are the Forsaken now? Sylvanas is just the Lady and… they have val’kyr! I want one for Christmas. I really do. More than anything… She’d look great in the corner of my bedroom. Ahem. Where was I? Forsaken, yes. Quest chains of total awesomeness. I wasn’t sure, even after the whole troll start area thing, that I could loathe and despise Garrosh more, but then he called Sylvanas a bitch (he did, he really did – how not cool is that??) and I discovered that I had room for an additional sprinkling of hate on top of my Garrosh-hate stew. Talk about a genetic throwback *breathes* But the quest chains, they really, really draw you in. I’m well aware that this is going to sound slightly weird, but I’m glad that I had no desire to play a worgen, because I’m not sure I could now. Seriously. That’s how good the quests and the plotlines are. Hats off to Blizzard – they’ve sorted my immersion. Worgen hatred, and, I’m discovering, human hatred too now. Surely this is how the game should play? You should completely lose yourself in the storylines, not just kill ten rats. I’ve never been that good with lore and plotlines until now. Himself is a few zones ahead of me, so some of it I’ve seen already (Jenny Awesome anyone? I haven’t got quite that far but Himself’s laughter has been echoing round the flat most of the day – it’s certainly given him immense amounts of pleasure – I suspect, as it’s belf-mockery, I might enjoy it a little less than he did…) but even so, the cut scenes are fantastic, being flown around by val’kyr is superb and I’m running out of adjectives here…

All of which is a long way of saying what I hope is obvious now – that I’m for the Horde!! I’d still rather be for the Horde under Thrall or Saurfang, Sylvanas, Vol’Jin; basically anyone but Garrosh, but I suspect (hope!) that he’ll get his comeuppance eventually (soon!) and then I’ll there to cheer.