Monday, 29 November 2010

This is not a Blogger Challenge Post...

The 20 Days of Warcraft Challenge has been keeping me (and a few other bloggers) occupied thus far, so I haven’t really had a chance to do a squeeeee post about The Shattering. It won't be an immensely interesting post anyways (keep reading for proof of that) because I’m still playing WoW in very bite size chunks – partially because I don’t have a decent (by which I mean an office-style) chair to sit on, so if I play for too long my lower back punishes me. I’m a fragile, delicate flower y'know…

And also partially because people really annoy me. I deliberately kept slots free on AD on the basis that the asshat quotient would be lower than on my PvE realm (and I’m sure that it is really) but I’m still seeing players called things like Gogadgetgo. And I want to cry, really I do – this is an RP realm for goodness sake! In fairness, I’m also seeing a lot of people with fantastically appropriate names, especially in the troll starter area – which, as I’m sure you are aware, is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Having deliberately not rolled a druid, as I wanted to play a troll one, I then foolishly made a troll warlock as well. Which do you think I’ve played? That’s right… I also have a Forsaken hunter who I’m getting quite fond of. All of which worries me slightly as I don’t want to abandon my belfs (and especially not for trolls and undead!)

Even better, Himself and I vaguely attempted to game together (something that we’ve never really done before), only having my teensy MacBook on the desk next to his Mac of insane hugeness (screen wise anyway – seriously playing WoW on a 30” screen is like being at the movies!) means that I’m even more crunched up and my back is even crosser. So the playing together-ness lasted about 20 minutes. In that time, though, I did hear him do his troll accent in real life, which was possibly the cutest thing ever (and also worryingly sexy…!) and is still making me smile whenever I think about it. We’ve decided that when we buy a house (that’s the ‘joy’ for 2011 by the way – it’ll be a quiet year, all we have to do is sell my house, buy a house and get married – how stressful and exhausting can it really be to cram that into a year…?) we clearly need a study with room for a huge desk so we can game side by side. My daughter thought that we couldn’t get geekier in general, bless her, and then she saw us shoulder to shoulder, WoWing together – “You two are soooooo sad! Poor girl – that’s another few therapy sessions when she’s older I suspect.

Back to game stuffs though – I’ve only done the new undead and troll starting areas and ventured into Orgrimmar (where the hell is everything??) but I assume that they’ve all been partially re-vamped? If the areas I’ve been to are any measure of how all the start zones are then I like it a lot. Linear questing – bring it on. Obvious quest hubs – yes please. I appreciate that everyone won’t feel the same but from what I’ve seen so far it’s a vast improvement. I like the addition of NPC buddies to hold your hand at the beginning – it’s sweet (bitter sweet at times, yes.) I like the fact that the quest item drop rate seems a great deal higher and that when you’re questing together you both get the drop. I adore the fact that eventually most newbie quests give you a bag at some point /cheer. I love the fact that you can wear your racial tabard from the get-go – never mind that I don’t plan to go instancing, it makes me feel more ‘attached’ to the character and their kin (I worry that I’m getting troll pride!) and I think, but I might be mistaken here, that there are markedly more herbs kicking around. Which is obviously fab and groovy. So yes, I’m having fun in small doses. Often the best way, don’t you think…?


  1. I'm thinking a similar thing about the house-with-room-for-two-desks business, as my Herself and I are looking to do the buy-a-house thing next year as well.

    Have you considered face-to-face rather than side-by-side? Depending on room size and whether you need it to *also* function as a bedroom or whatever, it might work. And you can totally kick each other under the table when required!

  2. Oh good luck - I'm glad it's not just Myself and Himself who are taking the plunge house-wise...!

    Face to face is actually a good idea - and not *just* so I can kick Himself either... Ahem. Unfortunately we are VERY space constrained at present but it's a good thought for the future. Thanks :)