Wednesday, 17 November 2010

There's a light that never goes out.

They will have you believe that WoW is just a game.
They will tell you that no-one is who they say they are online.
They will scorn anyone who tries to explain how online friendships and relationships can be more intense and tangible than real life ones.

They talk shit.

They can't comprehend anything more complex than face to face interaction, with all the judgements and stereotypes that go hand in hand with it.
They have never had the privilege of getting to know someone minus the clutter of physicality.
They would shake their head and roll their eyes at the sight of someone sitting at her computer with tears streaming down her face and shoulders shaking with grief, mourning the loss of someone who she'd never 'met'.
They would never understand how many lives you touched in Azeroth, and how many people will miss you, and cry over your passing.

Your light will never go out.
You'll shine on, eternally, in the hearts and minds of those who knew you.

Soar above us, look down on us, and know that you're missed.


  1. I don't know you other than online and from blogging. I have no clue who you are talking about, but you're hurting so I'm sending hugs.


  2. I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but I can guess at generics. I'm sorry for your loss and "they" can go take a walk. Online interactions are just as real as talking face to face.

  3. Again, thanks Jen - people bothering to respond means a great deal at the moment.

  4. I too, have no idea who we're talking about, but my heart goes out to you. As Jen said, "they" can go take a walk. Sometimes the connections we make "minus the clutter of physicality" feel far deeper than those we make IRL. ~hugs~

  5. @ Ama - thanks you.

    @ All. I'm sorry for the mystery - I just needed to get that out of my system early today and felt it wasn't my 'place' to be publicising anything - other people have much more of a right to that than I do. Please refer to Wulfy at for a better post that I could ever write.

  6. Now I'm crying again :< I'd just about managed to stop myself.

    Beautiful, Pilf <3

  7. I send you lots of hugs Pilf ! :'(

    I had bad news from a guildie this WE, something really sad happened in his family (I can't say more because he didn't tell anyone else and it's not my role to say more about it) and I just found out myself crying, even if I never met his family.

    The strange thing is, I could just send him courage and hugs, and it felt odd to tell him to get those wishes to his family because, well, we are his "imaginary friends"...

    My tears were real. Like his grief.

  8. *hugs* Your post is beautiful and made me cry.

    They'll always shine in our memories.

  9. I am not much given to tears for people I didn't know myself, but your thoughts plucked at my heartstrings.

    I missed you while you were gone, and if I found that you wouldn't ever be coming back and not because you'd just drifted away from the game, I would grieve, too. ((hug))

  10. @ All. Thank you again. There have been so many beautiful posts written about Erc in the last 24 hours - I'm happy that he touched so many people's lives.

    @ Kam. Wow. I read this as I was waiting to collect my daughter from school (not quite at the school gates, as she's a bit old for that, but close enough to) and had to walk back down the road a bit until my tears had dried up a bit.

    I really don't know what to say, other than I was (and am) incredibly touched by your kind words *shuffles feet and blushes*. You've been a valued, supportive commentator on my tiny part of the interwebz, both with WoW and non-WoW related comments and I really don;t have the vocab to express quite how much that means so instead I send you many many *hugs*