Saturday, 20 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Race Favourite

Ok, I had an internal debate with myself over this - is it cheating to pick the race that I love the mostest, even though they aren't playable? If, in your opinion it isn't, then look left and don't worry about reading the rest of this post (save the next few sentences). I adoooore dragonkin. I've spent a very large quantity of time in game just sitting in the zones that they inhabit (favourite being, of

course, Seradane). They're the places I go to when I'm logged in to be sociable, rather than to actually 'play'. I've never understood why people log into cities to sit there and chat when there are so many gorgeous places and such wonderful scenery available to gaze at whilst you natter...

But... moving on to the playable race. Hmm now what could possibly be my favourite? Disclaimer: I suck at lore. I'm completely hopeless. I try to be less hopeless and I can't remember it. So this is written from a subjective, rather than objective, PoV, m'kay?

I can't even pretend that there any contenders to my personal throne for my favourite race. It's Sin'Dorei. I'll let you pick yourself up the floor and get over the shock. Here, have a cup of strong tea. That's how we Brits deal with the unexpected /soothe. I think that writing about why you like a particular race, especially if you RP your characters, is intrinsically tangled up in your personal view of that race. So, whilst I will expound, at length probably, about why I love the Sin'Dorei, you may feel that they are vain, vapid, arrogant and general overblown Barbie dolls. And that's fine - everybody has a right to an opinion, everybody has one vote.

So, Sin'Dorei. It's not really the looks. I do quite fancy the male ones (oh gods, I can't believe that I wrote that) in an abstract way, not in a dodgy 'sit at my screen and type one handed' kind of way. Argh - now I've creeped myself out... And as I singularly fail at RP'ing a character of the opposite gender (though I really intend to try and commit to trying properly at some point) I play female Sin'Dorei. I think I explained all this before so I'm not going though it all again.

So as it's not looks, it's about how I view the race as an entity. They 'feel' right to me. Himself comments (all too frequently) on what he calls my 'inner belf-ishness' which is short-hand (I think) for being insecure, a trifle neurotic, over-analyzing everything, assuming that everyone/thing has an agenda or deep meaning behind it, adding a bucket-load of complexity to simple situations and generally not taking anything at face value. Ahem. There's a slight possibility he might be right. But that is how I view the Sin'Dorei. They are (understandably) insecure - umm hullo? Recent decimation of most of their race? Their society is highly political in a covert way (as opposed to the Thrall vs. Garrosh 'get in the ring biatch' style 'political') so jockeying for position is both commonplace and an accepted/expected part of society. They know that the rest of the Horde considers them untrustworthy incomers and they were hardly welcomed with open arms by any of the other races! Ever heard of covering neuroses with a defence mechanism, folks? That might explain the perceived arrogance, might it not? They have the most fantastic ability to carry out multi-layered conversations. Pretty much everything that comes out of a Sin'Dorei's mouth will have at least two meanings. There will be the polite, societal response, cloaking what they really mean. I adore it (and when it's RP'd well it's just a thing of beauty).

And talking of things of beauty - I love the architecture and the scenery in the Sin'Dorei areas. Many months back Jaedia posted a challenge whereby you visited places in Azeroth, soaked in the atmosphere and wrote about it - The Grand Tour she called it, and one of the places I took Pilf to, and wrote about, the first place in fact, was Silvermoon City. I've just trawled through the post and found the quote I wanted: "Silvermoon, clothed eternally in red and gold, my heart is always here, regardless of which continent I am on. I wander through the streets, often passing the Silvermoon Guard, the brave men who keep our city safe, clothed themselves in the red and gold livery of the City. The enchanted brooms that enthralled me as a child, work tirelessly, brushing away dust, detritus and the thistledown which floats in the breeze." That is exactly how I feel about Silvermoon. I love the circular towers, the golden trees, the gauze curtains instead of doors, the myriad little alcoves to court, seduce or plot in. The City fits perfectly to the race.

So that's the Sin'Dorei. I could probably expound for pages, in details, about why they're my race of choice but you'd get bored and doze off. And no-one finds qwerty face attractive do they? And thanks again to Ama.

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