Tuesday, 23 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Main's Name.

The naming of ‘toons is a serious matter; It isn’t just one of your holiday games…

Names are one of the things that gets me ‘stuck’ when I’m thinking about, or creating, a new character. Race and class I can usually decide relatively easily, appearance ditto, but the length of time I spend staring at the screen, wracking my brain for a name that ‘fits’ is disproportionate in comparison…

As I play on both RP and regular PvE realms, one of the most noticeable things is the difference is names (the other being the general levels of literacy in chat channels). I’m guilded, on my PvE realm, with a Holipalli, a Cricketlord, a multitude of Dk- or –dk’s and other names that make me shudder. Don’t get me wrong, you have every right to call your character whatever the hell you choose to (within Blizzards T&Cs etc) but it still makes me /facepalm when you feel the need to have your race/class/both (Bélfmàge anyone?) as your character’s name and don’t get me started on those people who are called things like belfmage either (urgh - Blogger won't take stupid fonts *growls* imagine one of those odd capital B's will you please...?) If your name is taken just pick another one – don’t (if you’re English anyway) pick a name that requires accents. Occasionally my grouchiness is ameliorated because there is wit in the name – I came across a resto druid the other day called Chucknourish which made me chuckle and I have always longed for a resto shaman called Shambulance… So I guess I haven’t got much room to talk. That said, on popular realms it can be really hard to find a name that is available. I’ve played with a Cat (feral druid), a Mischief (warlock), an Empathy (disc priest) and a Noir (warlock). Those are the type of classic names that I envy – unfortunately they require you to be present at virtually the creation of that realm…

I’ve placeheld (much to my amazement) the names of my troll druid (Nonna) and my goblin something (Nikflip – see what I did there?) for Cata. My multitude of alts have names that appeal to me – whether they mean something or are just made up of letters and syllables that feel right to me. I’m a big fan of gendered suffixes (don’t ask me why!) and I go through phases – sometimes I want multi-syllable names that I can shorten, sometimes I want then to have ‘bite’ and be short. Mainly, it depends on my mood.

All of which is a lot of writing to avoid answering today’s question: what is your main’s name and the meaning behind this. Being the alt-whore that I am Having the commitment issues that I have, means I don’t have a ‘main’ per se but if I did it would doubtless be Pilfkin. There isn’t a deep and meaningful explanation I’m afraid. It’s been a handle I’ve gone by for a while, I like it and it fits ‘me’. It’s tied in deeply to my WoW life – it’s the name I’m called by most people regardless of the character I’m playing. It’s the name that is tied to my blog. It’s ‘me’ online. And that’s all the explanation that is needed!


  1. Nikflip is an awesome goblin name! :D

    I had a Shampain the other day that made me smile :)

    Totally with you on the weird characters.. I hate them.

    And yes, you are definitely Pilf :P

  2. I have the same opinion. I used to be on a pve server but the names just made me want to smack my head in my keyboard. On my rp-servers I like seeing names that would fit into WoW. I try to always get the same name for my 'main' toon, but I've slowly stepped away from it since I'll be starting a goblin warlock when cata comes out and an elven name wouldn't fit very well ^^

  3. Okay, I'm guilty of using an accent in my name. However, I don't use it if it doesn't make sense. Like, my warlock's name used to be Demonique, when moving realms it was taken and she is now Démonique - which is fine with me since it's just the French version of the same thing.

    However, if my character was named.. eh.. Merry or something, and it was taken, I'd not suddenly name it Mérry. I had that problem with some other characters and they've ended up having some rather major name changes because of it.

    Like my good old Saga has been Idaea since my first server move since the name has never been available since. Or my Ceylan becoming Rhawne.

    I can't understand people who name themselves nelfhunter etc. either. I do wonder sometimes who has so little fantasy they can't even think of a random name to use.

  4. @ Issy - yep I envy Shampain as well!

    @ Antlergirl. Heehee, I'm trying to work out what would happen to a goblin wwho'd been given an elven name. I suspect they'd find a good therapist :)

    @ Saga - Yes, I agree that there are always exceptions to my totally arbitrary rules - and Demonique is an excellent one. Plus I now have even more name envy... And this: "I do wonder sometimes who has so little fantasy they can't even think of a random name to use" - is virtually worth thinking about as a post in its own right.