Monday, 22 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Favourite Emote

Right then - on with the memery. I do use emotes, I've given lots of /hugs and /kisses, a fair share of /soothes, the occasional /flirt. I /applaud, usually in a sarcastic sense rather than out of a sense of admiration. I've never /spit on anyone. Nor do I do /fart (hullo - do you think belfs actually DO that??) and I'm sure there are masses of emotes that I neither use, nor am I aware of. But that's ok. Because...

My favourite emote isn't technically an emote. But it is a wonderful line of code that should be revered by all. Imagine Warcraft with no /ignore function. We all know about the theory on the left don't we? The theory that sensible, rational people turn into asshats on the interwebz? Whilst I'd much rather have Sven's Greater Internet Romantic Hero Theory, I accept that John Gabriel's one is more likely... Now, I like a good debate as much as the next person - I'm getting more practiced at it since moving in with Himself who appears to have missed his calling to the Bar, it's a shame really; he'd be a QC by now and I'd be a lady what has bi-weekly manicures, a wardrobe full of Chanel and elocution lessons. Imagine that.

Ahem. But I only really enjoy debates, discussions, etc when there's some point to it - whether that's to win educate yourself, score points have a good conversation or something equally positive; I don't like insult hurling. Example: when I lived in London in my 20s and the fact that I'd a) grown up in rural Cornwall, b) grown up as a nice girl (shuddup...) who had ponies and c) spent most of my summers at Pony Club Camp, came up, people would instantly lay into me about fox hunting. Now I'm not even (argh - my daughter's teenage syntax is rubbing off on me - 'I'm not even' yuk yuk yuk!) going to start a debate about that here *yawn* but it was the assumption that those 3 points equalled point four - that I was pro-hunting, that irked me - in fact I've never hunted - my parents were anti, and I can make reasonable arguments for and against it but I just never bothered. It wouldn't be productive or informative and it would be a mud slinging match. Bored already.... move on and talk about something interesting please...

This is what the /ignore function is for. People like the tool that Issy blogged about recently. People who just want to troll, beg for gold, insult your gear, spec, class or race. People who are just... weird. And people who are downright fucking scary. WoW should be fun escapism. I deal with enough asshats in RL that I can't escape from - RL clearly should have a /ignore function (maybe it does and mine's just faulty...?) but my downtime is too precious to waste on eejits.

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