Wednesday, 24 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Dungeon Favourite

I’m going to ‘cheater-cheetah-cougar’* as my daughter would say (through gales of laughter...) – I’m going to take ‘dungeon’ to cover ‘raid’ as well and write about that. Cheater though it may make me.

I can haz atmosphere?

So then what is it? Karazan, without having to think twice. Kara was where I cut my teeth as a healer. I vividly remember hitting 70, having been a good priesty and taken up tailoring so I could have the mooncloth set that was, back then IIRC, entry level Kara gear, and realizing that I was still a few pieces short of being able to make the whatever-the-last-set-piece was. And the most awesome priest of awesomeness ever – Sai stepped in and gave me the cloth I needed as he wanted me to get learning how to play my class ‘properly’ by which he meant ‘in a raid setting’. Sai was Swedish and had the deepest voice I have ever heard. When he used to say ‘Now Pilf… this time you are going to remember to refresh your shackle whilst you heal, yes?’ down vent I could virtually feel the vibrations in my ribcage. His voice was that deep. It also gave him the distinct advantage of pretty much everyone stopping mid sentence when he did the throat clearing thing that meant he was about to speak as everyone was just a little in awe of him. However, moving on from fan-gurl-dom. Yes, learning to heal, and shackle, often simultaneously – ‘What do you mean I need to CC – I’m a healer! I shouldn’t be expected to have to do that as well as keeping you alive...!’ Learning LoS, trying to triage effectively, finding an addon that let me know who broke my shackles, then growling down vent, learning how to focus target, how to write macros, how to get out of the bad - Shade of Aran anyone - and realizing that I was so fragile that even with buff food, trinkets and the imp out for a stam buff I could only just deal with the arcane missiles he dealt.

After a few runs at the first bosses we needed another raid and therefore another raid leader and fool that I was, I volunteered – the officer corps was small at that point, and it felt like the right thing to do – no-one else was stepping up and we had enough people to slot two 10-mans. Raid leading taught me a whole ‘nother set of skills (mainly interpersonal ones), and made me actually learn the boss fights – although I did have to refer to my book every time we did Moroes as I could never remember which add did what therefore what the kill order should be. I remember the Opera event with huge fondness ‘run Pilf ruuuuun!’ as I always got turned into Little Red, the frustration of Romeo and Juliet, the hilarity of Oz. I remember Chess (most pointless ‘boss’ ever?), Netherspite of the multi coloured portals, Illhoof and his deranged imps, Curator and the rest, with HUGE affection. I’m sure whichever raid was your first you look back on with rose tinted glasses but I’ve never loved a raid like I loved Kara.

* Not quite sure why she classes me as a cougar as Himself is vastly more geriatric older mature than I am but meh.


  1. I adored Karazan. The bosses, the looks, the music. It was creepy as hell and I wish we could get something like that again.

  2. Oh I loved Karazhan too. It was a great starting place in TBC, especially since you only needed 10 people to be 70 and could wait for everyone else in the guild to catch up.

    It definitely had the right atmosphere too. I loved the ballroom with the ghostly dancers. It was just a great raid..