Saturday, 27 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Class/Race Combo

Ok, so this one was always going to be interesting. Going from how 'I' see myself, I'd clearly be a Sin'Dorei of some description. I wasn't sure about class. However, Himself saved me from any real brain strain by this: "In your head you're a highbourne elf of some description and probably a rogue, but a classy, mischievous one. When in actuality my darling," (hug) "you really are a dorf priest." This might have been, in part, my fault for showing him on the creation screen, how similar to a dorf I actually am (and also the reasons that I have never played a dorf. This is a fantasy game ferchrissakes, I don't want to look at a pixelated version of me - I'd go play Second Life if I wanted that...) This was going to be the point where I gave you an actual RL photo of me (no... not *that* sort of a photo...) and a screenie of a dorf to show you just how... similar the similarities are but I decided against it (actually my daughter decided against it by pointing out that on this blog I'm not 'me', I'm 'Pilf', so I why would I shatter all you illusions by giving you a RL screenie of me??? She's wise above her years, is my daughter, a trait she obviously gets, umm, from her mother.). However, I think it's... possible to see why he feels the way he does. In my head, I am indeed a Sin'Dorei - for all the reasons I wrote here when I explained why I loved the race. However, in reality I think I am more likely to be a prosaic, straightforward dorf. I also think that dorf wimmin fit most readily into the 'wench' spec... and that might kinda be my default spec IRL as well.

Class - I'm clearly not a mage (not fragile enough - I'm quite robust - hence dorf), warlock (not conniving and evil enough unfortunately), shaman (don't do all that crystals, myth and mystery stuff), death knight (err, just no, m'kay!), druid (not natural and earthy enough), hunter (I don't really like animals all that much), rogue (see above) or warrior (not scary enough), which leaves either paladin or priest. I don't think I have enough fiery self righteousness going on to be a convincing paladin (feel free to disagree!) so I guess that leaves priest. Which is actually ok - I can have my nice moments (that's my holy spec), my less than nice moments (that's my shadow spec) and well, we'll just leave discipline well alone shall we...

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