Friday, 19 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Class Favourite

Ama's meme kicks off for me today with the simple question: What is your favourite class and why? I made a vague effort to not answer 'priest' straight away, but as I was discussing the various questions with Himself last night, he answered 'Well, it's priest isn't it?" in response to me saying "What do you think my favourite class is?" whilst I was faffing and trying to convince myself that it might be... something else. But, natch, he's right. Although I actually do have more warlocks than priests - a fact which I have to say has stunned me rather - as I only appear to have four priests. That's counting on both *ahem* accounts and on all realms.
  • Level 80 Blood Elf (disc/shadow)
  • Level 73 Blood Elf (holy/shadow)
  • Level 17 Night Elf (holy)
  • Level 6 Draenei (will be shadow)
So four of one class isn't that excessive, right? I think that's pretty reasonable, for a class that I love.

I'd like to say, with my hand on my heart, that my first ever character was a priest but it wasn't. In fact, and here's something that never fails to make me chuckle, it was a rogue, who made it as far as level 40, a feat which I have never managed to repeat... Then it was a mage who made it as far as level 50... ditto. Then, finally, a warlock who was my first character to hit 60 and possibly to hit 70. I re-rolled as a priest as a calculated decision - I wanted to raid during BC and my guild, staggeringly (!), were lacking healers. I quite fancied being a healer, having a pretty fluffy attitude in general and as I wanted to play a Draenei the other alternative was to make a shaman... back in the day when shammys were pretty bloody complex to get a grip of so my basic thought process was something along the lines of 'umm, totems, umm totems, umm nah I'll have a priest thanks!' Thus Pilfkin the First was born. She was holy from the get-go (in the days before dual spec existed) and it still is a source of pride to me that I went from 0 - 70 as holy.

Priests are fabulous though. They are so incredibly versatile and although, in my heart, I'll always be holy, shadow is pretty awesome too. Disc wrecked me - sorry, I know people adore it and it became the priest spec of uber in Wrath, but it just didn't work for me. Raid healing is where I'm happiest. The versatility of the holy tree (pre patch 4.0 anyway - I haven't played holy since the talent changes...), the joy of my fail angel and the numerous 'oh shit' buttons make me happy. Unfortunately healing burns me out... But that's why I've taken a break and I hope to go back to it in Cata...


  1. Priests for me too - I have erm - too many and they are all healing in some way. Mostly Disc with Holy off-spec if they can get it. I level as healing although I did do a few levels shadow once, but didn't like it - I kept healing and coming out of shadowform :/

    Lvl 80 Main Human
    Lvl 77 NE (same realm - wanted something else to do and shadowmeld is good :))
    SAN - BE lvl 40 I think (sadly neglected due to time issues)
    Another realm lvl 26 BE
    Yet another realm lvl 6 Human (where I briefy moved and go back to in order to say Hi)

    Various bank alts also priests and a few babies I started to play with my daughter.

  2. Thanks for finding this/posting this! I've never really thought about the things in the list so it'll be a nice distraction :) Posted it on my blog as well ^^