Monday, 29 November 2010

20 Days of Warcraft - Beggars (and how you deal with the same)

Gief teh shinies naaaao!

Before I even start writing about people who beg, nag, whine or pester for gold I should hold my hands up and admit that I'm possibly one of the worst people at making money in WoW. Truly, I'm atrocious at it. Every time I've bought epic flying it's cleaned me out, leaving me juuuuust enough money for raid repairs that evening (uhmm, that should read 'when I bought epic flying'... the second time it was bought for me. Ahem.). I'm that bad. And that's not because I'm feckless (much), lazy (much) or expect gold to turn up in my bank for no effort (much), it's because basically I'm quite shite with money IRL and in WoW. If people need flasks for raids I'll give them to them, rather than selling them on the AH. If people were in need of one more titansteel bar for their thingy weapon (yes, this is how long ago I last went near epixx) I'll give them the one I've just made rather than selling it. And when I say 'people' I should point out that I mean fellow officers and guildies I'm close to, not your random bod yelling in Dalaran. And also - dailies *yawn*, all that Auctioneer malarky *yawn*, sorting proffs to make money *yawn yawn yawn*. Actually, it is idleness. Mostly.

But, but but. I have never asked for gold from anyone. Nor have I begged for it (shudder). The mere thought of asking people I don't know to give me their gold makes my toes curl. Which hurts, so I'm going to stop thinking about it. I think the original question asked if a level 3 called 'yurmom' asked you for gold, what would you do, but to me, the name is irrelevant. These people annoy the bejesus outta me! A while ago Oath (who, by the way, messes with gold sellers in the best way imaginable) wrote a post (which I now can't find) about explaining in words of one syllable, to a 'giv 3g plzzzz' player how, if you go and kill the beasts in Durotar, they will drop small amounts of money and items which can be traded for (equally small) amounts of money. If only I had the patience. To be honest, unlike some, I don't even bother with /ignore usually, I'm not sure whether they've removed the upper limit on how many people you can have on ignore, but seriously, on a PvE server, the list would fill up damn fast.

Dealing with gold sellers is a bit different. I used to meet 'Hi, how are you today?' or similar with a response that varied according to my mood. Until the day where someone whispered me with something along the lines of 'Hey Pilfkin - how are you?' and I replied 'I've had a shit day, I've got raging fucking PMT and I'm not in any sort of mood for dealing with asshats. Now either tell me what you want or get to fuck.' The response? 'Oh, it's Blonde. Sorry honey - didn't realise you were having a bad day /hugs.' Oh..... Now I shift-click on their name and if they're a level 1 orc in Durotar (or a level 1 human in Elwynn) I just take no notice. Or I 'report spam'. So nothing witty or extreme from me I'm afraid. Just more laziness... It must be contagious!

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