Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Is there anybody out there?

Ok, so I've been away a while. I gather there is a new patch on the horizon which means I'll need to re-learn my talents (amongst other things.) That's actually not too much of an issue, because I've forgotten how to play. A two month gap leaves me going: umm...err... which button do I press again...? Easily remedied, it turns out, by re-rolling an(other) alt. Gasp, shock, etc. You know the drill.

So I have a warlock. An orc warlock. Not a belf! I'm trying to wean myself off my belf addiction, as it causes me to be on the receiving end of much mockery *glares*. The joy, though, of having a break, is that the game is FUN again. Even Durotar is fun and... well, I would say shiny but actually it's still kinda red and dusty. But when I got to Razor Hill I saw lots of new troll NPCs kicking around and wondered what they were - have I just zoomed passed them before or something? Am I that unobservant? (Answer: yes, probably.) So I meandered around, giving pig-men, pirates and marines the smackdown, like you do, then wandered off to Sen'jin. Eventually I realised that Vol'jin was there. On the beach. Wait-wut? I just spoke to him in Thrall's chamber. Why is he here? And why is there a batmaster?

More importantly, why did no-one boot me and tell me to do the Reclaiming the Echo Isles quests? Yes, I knew that they were in-game, in theory anyway. But no-one booted me and said: Oy, Pilf, get your butt back in-game and go do stuff with the trolls. Why did no-one do this??? Because it was a gorgeous questline and I'd have been gutted if I hadn't done it, especially as I'm planning a troll druid in Cata! Plus I remembered how much I love flying on bats. I also have a shiny trinket thing that I haven't used yet. But it was worth coming back just for those quests.

So my warlock, Tressa. She's on AD and in SAN. She's reached the heady heights of level 12 - I've managed to fracture my foot (and any comments about needing to take more water with it will cause major sulks, ok?) so I suspect she'll get some playtime over the next week or so. She's fun. I like 'locks. And as I have a destro one (maybe two...) already, she's going to be my demon one. She's also going to be an engineer, as my long-term plan for her is to make her into a biker chick extraordinaire. I haven't sorted out much of an RP-thang for her as yet, other than she's got a bit of a 'fuck you' attitude, it seems. I haven't RP'd an orc yet so it might be interesting. It's rather nice, actually, to just be shambling around again. No clear plan, no particular place to go. I've missed Azeroth, and I've missed writing. It's going to be a bit sporadic (at best) for a while - I need to move house in ummm less than a fortnight (squeee!) which makes it even more inconvenient to have a borked foot and to be on crutches, then try to do NaNoWriMo, whilst also establishing myself 200 miles from what is currently home and various other bits and pieces IRL, but yeah, it seems absence does make the heart grow fonder...


  1. Don't rush to fast, in 2 months, new quests there be for you young one.

    And welcome back...

  2. welcome back honey! hope to see you soon on AD (but first i will need to figure out how to play my hunter with focus...)

    actually i thought of you while wandering the beaches of Sen'jin, listening to the drums, throwing frogs and all that - but my priest seems to think you have an unhealthy attraction to trolls and trollish things and wouldn't want me to support that! sorry dear :)

  3. @ Gowron - thank you :) I'm still wondering how I'm going to manage post-patch (if it ever downloads...!)

    @ Kao - I think, as we may have seen, your proestess, umm, may have a point! So you have a good excuse :) Looking forward to catching up soon (and good luck with focus! I feel the same way about changes to soul shards...)

  4. Welcome back! It's good to see you posting again, and having fun in the game XD