Thursday, 21 October 2010

What's my spec again?

Have I mentioned just how much I'm loving warlocks? Not that I haven't always loved them, you understand. My original main was a warlock (and man, do I shudder now at quite how clueless I was back then!) but then I got a priest addiction and whilst I've fumbled around with them I haven't given them the attention that the class truly deserves recently. This is also why I can't play mages... warlocks are clearly so much better... *ducks*

With all the recent patch changes and with Tressa being quite so OP as demon I thought I'd give myself a bit of a challenge and roll another one, with a demo spec, but as I'm running out of room on AD I've rolled on another RP server - being completely unable to go back to playing on PvE servers... the names, they burn my eyes... which means that I'm back to where I was when I rolled on AD before I cheated decided to transfer my gold and heirlooms characters over, i.e penniless and without even decent bags. That said, it's much easier to make gold now - at level 19 I have just over 30G (and reasonably decent bags) and I'm certain that that wasn't the case when I first started playing...

The level 10 spells are bonkers (yes, I might have mentioned this before.) As demo I have conflagrate which is just gorgeous. It's the sort of spell that you want to take out for supper at a great restaurant, pour fine wine down its neck, then take it home and snuggle up with in front of a crackling log fire, which, clearly, you have lit using the same spell that you are wooing... or something. That made more sense in my head. However, I'm not sure that it's 'better' in the of 'blat-mwahaha-you're-dead' sense then having a felguard. I'm still slightly bemused by how stupidly OP the felguard is. Actually, that's not true - I'm slightly bored by how OP the felguard is. I never, ever thought I'd be whining about killing stuff being too easy but here I am nearly doing so.

I have it on good authority that what I should be doing is DoT'ing packs of bad things and running round madly whilst the felguard wtfpwns them all - but I'm not sure that that's fun either. But then again, if I wanted to DoT and run I'd be playing an aff-lock not a demon one. And my aff-lock is being saved for Cata. I'm not sure I believe the theory that afflic is the 'one true warlock spec to bind them all' but I haven't really played it enough - my 80 lock has it as a secondary spec but is just too attached to her kaboom destro spec to ever really give it play time. And I haven't even logged into her to see what the difference is in DPS at 80 with the different specs. Actually I should go look at that...

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Constant blue.

Tressa and... pet.

Yep - this is bonkers. In less than 9 hours played I hit level 20. For me that is insanely fast. I guess for others that might be a snail pace but for me it's zooooom.

Oh, and there is no downtime. None. Not a moment. Mana seems to be (currently) an infinite resource. Chain pulling is fairly new to me so I just DoT stuff, let the pet go and it falls over - done, done and onto the next one. Repeat, until I'm standing in a sea of dead pigmen (again.) Now I'm talented into Mana Feed as well my blue bar just doesn't drop.

It's odd - but I'm still kinda liking it.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

So, there's some patch thing amirite?

Hell's teeth - the world is a-changing.

So the patch downloaded on one of my machines (after 11 hours - but hey, who's counting?) Natch, it downloaded on the PC, not the Mac. Which is causing me untold aggro from Youngest who, since the arrival of the lovely Mac of shininess has, not unreasonably, assumed that the PC is 'hers'. And because I'm terrified of borking the Mac of shininess (which isn't 'really' mine, it's on well, let's call it long term loan, I guess - my view remains stuck at possession is 9/10ths of the law but whatev's) I'm not happy about going and rabbiting around in its innards, like I am on the PC. Because [whispers] I don't really know where anything is...

Anyways - the important stuff. ZOMFG - I am level 12 with a felguard. An honest to Fates felguard! A felguard! Big-assed ugly bugger with a huuuuuuuge axe! This is slightly exciting. Apparently there's a mass of other changes too but really, it's going to take a while to get over this one. I sorta knew it was going happen but I didn't really believe it until I saw it.

It's completely, 100% bonkers though. Having a felguard makes Tressa insanely over-powered. I'm sorry, I love him to bits already, and please don't take him away from me - but it's nuts. I may change my mind, but I can't envisage circumstances where I'm going to use any of my other minions now. I don't intend to put myself through the hell that is LFG, or to PvP and, to be honest, Tressa is so taken with him that she'll dig her (not unsizeable) feet in and refuse to summon anything else without A Very Good Reason. I'm loling round The Barrens and am just about getting Incinerate, Corruption and CoA off before the mob falls over. Hullo level 17 raptor - blat - dead raptor. I swear - either this is going to scale (or rather, not scale) badly or levelling is going to be laughable. Which, whilst in the abstract, I don't mind - the novelty of things just falling over rather than going om-nom-nom on me is well.. novel (maybe orc is less munchable than belf?) but might get a bit boring after a while? Not sure yet. Watch this space...

I'm back to be a newbie proper, which is quite nice. All my addons are borked - so I'm not using them. I'm using the default UI of ugliness and clunkiness, I don't understand how the guild interface thingy works, I've got nothing to remind me to do stuff (like put my buff up), nothing flashing across the screen to remind me that I can now use 'x' ability. I have to open each bag manually... Additionally I don't know what my abilities are. I have a soulburn thing that procs, but tells me in small, quiet text in the bottom right hand corner of my screen so I invariably miss... whatever it does (increased damage... I think...) because I'm reliant on things SHOUTING at me. I don't have soul shards kicking round anymore - halp halp! But I can channel them - which, by the way Blizz, should be much cooler - you tell me I go wandering round harvesting lost souls when in actuality I stand there whipping up purple smoke - what a let down that was - please work on this some, just for me, ok? At least, let me choose which hapless souls I want to harvest? (Dorf, dorf! Gnomes clearly have no souls...) And other stuff... I think. And you took my Fear away. Allegedly I'm getting it back soon, but no Fear? Oh yeah... but I have a felguard... Anyway, as I was saying - it's back to newbie status. No addons, no idea what stuff does. Hitting buttons and going ahhhh, right. Must remember that. Then forgetting it instantly. I'm sure the AH interface has changed too. It's refreshing this. Oh and there are earthquakes! Maybe there have been for a while, but I haven't felt one. That's also kinda cool.

And did I mentioned I have a felguard?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Is there anybody out there?

Ok, so I've been away a while. I gather there is a new patch on the horizon which means I'll need to re-learn my talents (amongst other things.) That's actually not too much of an issue, because I've forgotten how to play. A two month gap leaves me going: umm...err... which button do I press again...? Easily remedied, it turns out, by re-rolling an(other) alt. Gasp, shock, etc. You know the drill.

So I have a warlock. An orc warlock. Not a belf! I'm trying to wean myself off my belf addiction, as it causes me to be on the receiving end of much mockery *glares*. The joy, though, of having a break, is that the game is FUN again. Even Durotar is fun and... well, I would say shiny but actually it's still kinda red and dusty. But when I got to Razor Hill I saw lots of new troll NPCs kicking around and wondered what they were - have I just zoomed passed them before or something? Am I that unobservant? (Answer: yes, probably.) So I meandered around, giving pig-men, pirates and marines the smackdown, like you do, then wandered off to Sen'jin. Eventually I realised that Vol'jin was there. On the beach. Wait-wut? I just spoke to him in Thrall's chamber. Why is he here? And why is there a batmaster?

More importantly, why did no-one boot me and tell me to do the Reclaiming the Echo Isles quests? Yes, I knew that they were in-game, in theory anyway. But no-one booted me and said: Oy, Pilf, get your butt back in-game and go do stuff with the trolls. Why did no-one do this??? Because it was a gorgeous questline and I'd have been gutted if I hadn't done it, especially as I'm planning a troll druid in Cata! Plus I remembered how much I love flying on bats. I also have a shiny trinket thing that I haven't used yet. But it was worth coming back just for those quests.

So my warlock, Tressa. She's on AD and in SAN. She's reached the heady heights of level 12 - I've managed to fracture my foot (and any comments about needing to take more water with it will cause major sulks, ok?) so I suspect she'll get some playtime over the next week or so. She's fun. I like 'locks. And as I have a destro one (maybe two...) already, she's going to be my demon one. She's also going to be an engineer, as my long-term plan for her is to make her into a biker chick extraordinaire. I haven't sorted out much of an RP-thang for her as yet, other than she's got a bit of a 'fuck you' attitude, it seems. I haven't RP'd an orc yet so it might be interesting. It's rather nice, actually, to just be shambling around again. No clear plan, no particular place to go. I've missed Azeroth, and I've missed writing. It's going to be a bit sporadic (at best) for a while - I need to move house in ummm less than a fortnight (squeee!) which makes it even more inconvenient to have a borked foot and to be on crutches, then try to do NaNoWriMo, whilst also establishing myself 200 miles from what is currently home and various other bits and pieces IRL, but yeah, it seems absence does make the heart grow fonder...