Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Inconvenient timing?

Himself informed me, through gales of laughter, a few nights ago that MMO-Champion has predicted 2 November as the release date for Cata. There is no inherent comedy value in this date, admittedly, unless you are me. And even then, I'm not sure comedy value is quite the right expression.

Real life has moved apace, and since Himself put a very elegant engagement ring onto the third finger of my left hand, we decided that we really needed to sort ourselves out, i.e. get myself and Youngest moved from the sunny southwest to the equally sunny southeast* and living with Himself. So we're moving in half term. That's right - the last week in October. So I'll have just moved in with Himself, and be wanting to enjoy all the nesty bits that go with finally living together and what will Himself be wanting to do? He'll be wanting to game... And will Youngest be wanting to play happy families? No, she'll be wanting to play her much-longed and waited for, worgen. Himself thinks this is hugely amusing and figures that he can sort a vent server out so that we can all be in different rooms and still talk to each other... Is this 21st century family life in action...?

And of course, the other thing that happens in November is NaNoWriMo, which this year I was determined to do - and not just because my little sister is doing it, and I can't let her beat me... But I guess that's gone to the wall now as well!! because if Himself and Youngest are surgically connected to their 'puters I guess I'll have no choice but to get on board and join them... Bring on the goblins!

*This sounds hugely flippant and it wasn't a decision taken lightly. But reading about the weeks of agonising decision making wouldn't have been much fun for y'all either!