Sunday, 4 July 2010

WoW Hunks (aka there's blog post in this)

Himself and myself were talking over supper last night, apropos of dating and relationships, single friends (mine) and their fury and ire that I'd met Mr Wonderful by gaming. This is of course, Not Right, because all gamers are either teenage boys or sad men living in the basement eating Doritos etc etc. They should not be functioning, sorted, intelligent (swoon-worthy) adults with good jobs, their own place and a shiny mid-life crisis car (cough). However if we'd met online dating then it would be perfectly acceptable but to meet via really 'geeky' stuff is Not Acceptable. One of my friends actually came right out and said words to the effect of "Ok, spill. Where is this fishing pond and how do I get there?" which made me choke a little because I hadn't ever contemplated Azeroth as somewhere to chuck out bait and see what nibbles, turns out she was actually perfectly serious. And Himself said, in the midst of my monologue "Ok, there's a blog post in this - write about WoW hunks...!" Which of course, all leads back to Sven's Greater Internet Romantic Hero theory here. But Himself was possibly right - so I'm chucking it out there... and you know - there's always this to support the argument:

(I don't care if he doesn't actually play and it's all just for goldz euros, everyone needs their fantasies, m'kay!)

And in case you needed more swoonage try this (get through the first annoying minute please, it's SO worth it for Vin Diesel...!):

Then there's this and this - which may or may not be valid. And this (sorry I'm a bit over huge YouTube things in my post) which might only appeal to a specific few (OMG me included *swoons*) and equally this with the same credo (OMG - horde guitar *swoons more*). But I'd say there are some hunks out there - amirite?

In fairness, most of my friends know that I game. It's not something that I've ever felt particularly ashamed of (but equally it's not something I forcefeed people either!) and once people get their heads round it as a form of social interaction they become less ... weirded out by it. That said, I'm not sure I would advocate treating WoW (or any form on online interaction) as a dating pool per se. There is a huge leap of faith involved and the transition from online guildies/friends/whatever to Real Life can be odd (proved, I would suggest, by the recent mixed reactions towards Real ID). Himself and myself chose (probably not quite the right word) to do this game --> RL in an insanely accelerated way (think less then a week from phone call to first date - which is of course madness but hey - I'm still grinning like a loon) which I would never advocate to anyone I knew and cared about, but ummm, yeah I'm better at giving advice than taking it... And in fairness, at the point where Himself and myself went from msn/email to phone number exchange via lengthy text conversations and finally 'the' phone call, he gave me a long lecture on the dangers of "creepy men on the internet", in, I fervently hope, a tongue in cheek way. But yes, let's de-personalise this a little shall we?

In my raiding guild the gender bias was towards men. I think in all the guilds I've been in, this is the situation, therefore extrapolating from my experience, there are a lot of men out there. Normal, funny, intelligent men, with good jobs (and yes I know it can all be secrets and lies in this glorious medium, (Thank you Mike Leigh) but I'm assuming that it probably isn't with guildies you've known for years...) who prefer to game in a fairly 'sociable' manner than to sit goggle-eyed in front of the tv on their own for hours every night, and don't have the inclination to go bar/club hopping. The types of guys that, yes, if you met them in a bar and got chatting to them, you'd probably see them again and give them your phone number. So why are people so bemused/appalled/freaked out when you explain meeting via WoW? It is the 'online' thing or is it the 'gamer' thing? I'm assuming it's the 'gamer' thing because as I've said, no-one freaks out about online dating nowadays do they? But why does that make people uncomfortable? Surely, in some ways, it's better. You get to know the 'person' before anything else comes into it. As long as everyone is being honest about who and what they are (which again, I accept isn't true all the time) then you meet the 'real' them minus the clutter that comes from sexual attraction, or even making judgements based on looks. If you like the person and are attracted to that - is that not a better recipe for happiness that working off what my mother would refer to, with epic amounts of scorn in her voice as "just lust"?

But I've wandered OT again - I apologise, I'm sleepy and slightly overfull of Archers and exceptionally good chocolate torte (go out NOW and buy one and eat very small slices and just float away... the joy of Waitrose recently opening a branch in the town I live in is something that I'm not sure I'll get bored of...) because what I actually wanted to get at was this: Is there a pool of single WoW hunks out there? And I'm defining 'hunk' by the way, as someone you'd want to date - rather than your generic steroidy hunk... And if so - why are they gaming rather than going out and meeting my single friends. Please go out and meet them - I'm so fed up with my girl friends bemoaning the lack of eligible men out there! One actually did get as far as (I kid you not) going to wow-europe and looking but was thrown by all the info...


  1. It is true. There are loads of single blokes and women playing WoW (no, you aren't having names :P). And of course, they share a hobby, and are not going to be irritated by their partner playing too much..
    I have often wondered what would happen if Blizzard implemented a *singles* server :P
    Probably that would be where all the 12 year old boys ended up making all the other servers a better place to be :)
    On a serious(?bwhahaha) note, I can't imagine meeting someone other than in game if my circumstances were to change.

  2. It's funny... I was thinking about this yesterday (after a big fight with my WoW-playing boyfriend). Except for one guy when I was 19, I met all my boyfriends and potential interests online. None was in WoW, but my current boyfriend got me into the game, so the thought of sharing a life with someone *without* sharing WoW is a little bit scary to be honest. (And admitting that makes me sound like an addict, I know.) [But the same goes for a generic non-geek - I just can't picture myself with someone who isn't interested in computers/the internet.]

    Back on topic, none of the guys in my guild seem the stereotypical basement dweller type, and judging by the pics they posted, they're not bad looking either. Why they're not going out? Well, I'm guessing that for pretty much the same reasons I wasn't going out, even when I was single: the guys I could meet in a bar are not the type I'd be interested in. I like geeks, and they're online. That one ex when I was 19 was the clubbing/partying type and now, 7 years after the fact, I wonder wtf I was thinking, our dates were either boring or annoying (ugh, playing pool in a smoke-filled bar with bad music).

    I don't see any reason why a couple couldn't get together in WoW and I agree 100% with you - a relationship will work *better* if the two know each other before hand and it's not just 'wow, he's hawt'. Plus a shared hobby (especially if it's a time sink like WoW) can make things even better.

  3. While I agree there is nothing like knowing a person thoroughly first, there has to be some *wow, he's hawt*.. or you'll just jump the windowcleaner/milkman/poor guy who was just wanting to cut your trees down a bit

  4. Met Dan through WoW and we've been together for 2 and a half years, maybe a bit more. Know a lot of girls who did, in fact, meet their other halves through WoW or gaming.

    I think internet dating sites are creepier, that's a place people go specifically to find a partner, WoW is a place you go to take part in your hobby, which one sounds creepier, really? ;)

  5. @ Issy
    Yeah I don't need names hon - I already found my Mr Wonderful kicking round Azeroth and dragged him into my Real Life *grins smugly*

    @ Jen
    I totally take your point - I'm not sure smoke filled pool halls are an attractive prospect - the scenery is better in Orgrimmar I think :)

    And having that 'shared interest' whether it's WoW, Eve, Linux - or whatever, hill climbing, obscure 70s vinyl etc etc does make things a lot easier! Himself and myself do natter about WoW but not to a ridiculous degree and usually it's less directly about WoW and more generally about writing, RP, creativity in general, with occasional moments of *headdesk* for Himself as he nearly tells me about Cata stuffs! But I think we've both had moments of "oh it's so nice to be able to talk to you about this", as you said... shared interests. But also different ones - he's a foodie and somewhat of a wine buff - I often make like Dylan Moran at the end of a day and slap something runnier than bread between bread, or cook pasta, and frankly my idea of 'spensive wine is a bottle that costs more than £5...! But it's fine - if you had EVERYTHING in common with your partner that would just be odd.

    @ Issy again :) Yep, I agree one does have to think that one's partner is 'hawt' but I would suggest that attractiveness is a VERY subjective judgement. Despite the macho-men linkage in the above post I don't go for He-Men types, for example. I could also elaborate on disasterous (but brief!) relationships I've had where I made a judgement based on 'looks' alone, but I won't! Safe to say that I decided getting to know people minus the clutter of physical attraction is good. Of course, I acknowledge that you then run the risk of desiring their 'personality' but not their 'physicality' which would be difficult...

    @ Jae
    The only time I looked (VERY briefly) at an internet dating site honestly made me want to weep. There's something fundmentally off-putting to me about having people make a judgement about you based on a photo and 2 paragraphs of text :( that said, I know MANY people whi have dated successfully and settled down and married via online dating, so I'm not going to diss it!

  6. Don't get your hopes up, ladies. Those "WOW-hunks" are all women IRL anyway!

  7. I too met previous boyfriends via the internet (not dating sites, but chat rooms/other games), none via WoW though.

    I think there's a point to it though. I don't see anyone starting to play WoW to "find someone" - but rather that you might find someone simply because you end up hanging out and chatting a lot. Essentially getting to know each other.

    As a side note, Vin Diesel must be the most adorable nerd ever :P

  8. @ Sven
    Stop whoring your blog via mine - I already gave you linkage sweetie - you want two links in one post now? That's just sheer greed ;)

    @ Saga
    Firstly, hullo and thanks for the comment!
    I agree - I'm not sure that playing WoW (or any MMO come to that) is an ideal way to find a partner but you do have, I would suggest, the ability to 'connect' with a wide(r?) range of people, if you so choose to. And yes, I'm with you on the Vin Diesel front - I have to thank Himself for that specific geek as I didn't believe it til I tracked it down on YouTube...!

  9. Shameless self-promotion FTW :p

  10. @ Sven
    Confirming my thoughts that you have NO sense of shame! And linkage-love requires reciprocation. Or I'll have to find another way to extract my pound (or six) of flesh...!