Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Well I don't know why I came here tonight.

Raptors to the left of me,
Silithids to the right,
Here I am - stuck in the Barrens (again)

I'm determined to take my mage through The Barrens. It has a lot of memories for me - as I suspect it does for most Horde players. It was the start zone I did a lot (before I fell in love with belfs) and it was there I was probably at my most newbie like. Vendoring stacks of wool cloth for 33c, for example, before I was brave enough to use the Auction House, where it sold for over 5G a stack - the Horde not having a Stockades equivalent where it would appear that you are shearing sheep rather than killing Defias...

Also, bemoaning the lack of animal parts - my memory of the immediate area outside The Crossroads is akin to a scene from a slaughterhouse, and paradise for skinners! I'm struggling with The Barrens this time, after so much time in Eversong/Ghostlands where the quests are much more linear and the hubs are, in my view, better designed. But I am going to. I might even follow it up with the pain that is levelling through Thousand Needles - because, let's face it, it'll probably be the last chance I have.

After that somewhat meandering introduction, what I really wanted to do was to look at favourite quests - the ones that you go totally out of your way to do for no other reason that you love them, the lore aspect is important, they 'fit' right for your character, or any other reason, come to that. There are a few that stick out for me - I loathe and despise Un'goro Crater but I never level a character without doing Chasing A-Me 01. I am a complete Kevin Smith nut and I love the little things that Blizz puts in as a nod to pop-culture. I know lots of people who do the Pamela Redpath quest chain as well. I'm quite crap, unfortunately, and an Aquarian so a bit watery (i.e. I cry over most things) so this chain makes me a little sniffly. As does the DK one; regardless of faction I do get most upset by this.

I also, without fail, do this quest. And have an amusing screenie to prove the regardless of faction and race, somethings NEVER change:

Pilf's inner turmoil also has a Draenei form....

I also do the Banshee Queen quest as often as I can - but usually on the belfs, because the Lament of the Highbourne is probably some of the most beautiful in-game music. And again, it makes me teary.

Stunned into (rare) silence.

And, there's a quest in Zul Drak which I love. I continue to think that Loque'nahak is the most beautiful pet in game so I love this quest chain, which enables you to help Har'koa.

And I miss my pony-tails...

I really need to get my ass in gear and get levelling my alts so I can do some of these again... And equally I really need to get on board with hunters in Cata so I have have shiny, beautiful pets!


  1. I agree with you on the lament. It is beautiful, so much so, that I have it macro'd on some of my characters so I can hear it whenever.

  2. Oh that reminds me! I really have to do the quest to return the necklace on a horde character so I can experience the Lament of the Highborne in-game!

    Loque'nahak is gorgeous. I wish my hunter could get that pet... No luck so far :(

  3. I was extremely lucky to get it on my hunter. Extremely lucky, its my favourite pet by far.