Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wave goodbye, wave hullo.

Peace at Last.

I did it - I found the right place and she's now there, peacefully contemplating Halaani Basin, wearing her fantastic robe and her stave of loveliness. It did take me a long time to find the 'right' island (nothing to do with not wanting to leave her) but I think she's going to get herself together and I'll make sure I visit on occasion to see how she's doing.

Breaking with stereotypes.

So that there *points up* is Ahine. She's going to be my Pilf replacement - in a good way. She's lovely - and amazingly, having put a bit of thought into her (and dragged my head out of the PvE mentality - as she's never raided that wasn't hard), I like the way she 'feels'. She's got all her angsty stuff out the way (might be something to do with all the gender, race and faction re-alignments) and she's pretty sorted, a lot older and wiser (in all ways) than Pilf and I'm happy with her.

Despite being a belf she's sort of my anti-belf. Or non-belf ... or something. She's a warlock (and Gods but do I adore 'locks) however, she's very un-warlocky, aside from her deep and abiding affection for Belnip, her imp ... She's a laid back, chilled out 'been there, seen it, done it, got over it' woman who now just wants to ride round looking at interesting plants. Her FlagRSP reflects this - identifying her as a 'botanist' and focussing on her grubby-round-the-hems robes, her mud covered boots (or feet!) and the soil often left under her unvarnished fingernails! She doesn't like cities at all, I basically always leave her outside. She's like a long cold drink of water on a hot day.

I've no real 'plans' for her per se. No complex backstory - other than she might be either a distant relative of Sass or become her mentor eventually, but aside from that she's just getting on with it. She's friendly enough, to all races; travelling all over Azeroth and spending time camping out has made her much less discriminatory when it comes to race, but she's not wild about aggression and blatant violence. However I suspect she actually quite likes chucking her subtle magics around, given a chance and a reason... I prefer destro spec but playing her in her affli spec feels better, even if I then do 'incorrectly' have her imp out not her fel-puppy!

So yeah, rambling post is rambling. And if you haven't yet listened to this and you're having a bad day/week, it'll cheer you up no end. There are teeny-tiny spoilers in it (goblin /funny and /flirt) but they made me roar with laughter. I have a sneaking suspicion that they'll sanitise them a bit though....

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  1. Aww you did find Pilf a nice spot.
    And Ahine sounds like more fun :)