Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tangled up in blue

So the first six months of 2010 have meant that I've been in a semi-permanent state of flux. Everything seems to have been moving and changing faster than I can keep up with it.

In real life there have been changes on the family front which were tough to work through - my eldest daughter went to live with her dad and step-mum in January, the right thing for all concerned but really, really hard for everyone, and my youngest daughter has gone from being my 'baby' to being a goth emo scenster complete with jet black hair and a pechant for depressing music. I've obtained two secondments, work-wise which means that I'm back to daily commuting rather than walking to work, both of which are great experience but are proving somewhat... challenging. I've had a long-term relationship end, and a wonderful new one begin. Winter has turned into spring, which has turned into summer. My daughters finish school next week and go back in September, another 'year' older. I'm going on holiday abroad (proper abroad - where they speak foreign and not English) in a few weeks - for the first time since I was 15 (and it's too far away - gief holiday nao plox!)! Looking at my diary, I've got one 'free' weekend (the upcoming one) between now and the middle of September. Which is.... delightfully odd. My weekends have been a sea of blankness for so long that I'm charmed by having things planned!

In my WoW life I've gone from not wanting to play at all, to re-rolling on AD and discovering RP, through a few mini burnouts, via slightly 'interesting' situations to where I am at present. You know, I'm playing a lot less than I have in years. Hugely, noticably less. So much so that I was really confused this morning when, for the first time in ages I woke up early and thought I'd put a few levels on the shammy. But it's Wednesday - so yeah... maintenence day right? Gods it took me whole minutes to work this out...

I love my alts and I'm going back to loving Pilf. As of Monday she's getting played again. If I max my ignore list, so be it. If I file harassement reports with GMs, so be it. I'm not paying (more) money to server transfer her - fuck that. I'm taking her back to Northrend and playing her. I'll give her therapy as we go along and she'll come right, because dammit, I've got too much 'invested' in her to walk away from her. And I want her at 80 - because then I'll feel like I've 'completed' her. Even if I then desert her to be a goblin in Cata, I'll feel like I've done the 'right thing' by her. She'll take it very easy on the RP front to ensure that things don't get (more) complicated.

I'm trying to decide with the beta now very open, and the blogsphere full of stuff, if I should relent on my Cata-vision and start to look at what'll be happening. Not in terms of zones and quests but talent trees and mechanics. I really need to decide what I'm going to play and start thinking about my characters, and possibly purge my current alts that aren't going to see light of day.

But what I really need is a period of calmness in my life. A period where I can just 'be' with nothing cropping up that requires me to expend a great deal of emotional energy, no more change thanks, not for the short term. I have a feeling that medium to long term, more change will be inevitable - after all, that's what life is about, right? But for a while I'd just like to float along, without twisting my ankle in the potholes....

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  1. I'm keeping well away from videos, guides and pictures as I like to experience new stuff for the first time when it actually comes out. One of the ways I prevent burnout!

    But I just can't keep away from class and profession changes! I suppose I want to know what I'm in for, and I've spent too much time reading and learning about the game to want to be 'surprised' by my talents...