Monday, 19 July 2010

Take a deep breath...

Pillow talk should really, really not lead to blog posts, but it seems to at present - and there's possibly a whole new high (or low) of geek-dom reached in that sentence. However, I was expounding last night on perfume apropos of... something I can't remember now, and commented that should I ever have a windfall and become exceedingly rich, one of the things I'd really like to have done is to have a custom perfume made for me. This is partially because I'm a bit fussy about perfumes and partially (mainly) galloping ego-mania - I don't want to smell like other people. I'm enough of a special snowflake to want to smell just like me. And Himself commented that I'd call it Eau de Silvermoon... Quite. But, once I'd stopped beating Himself savagely, and we'd mopped up the blood and bandaged his wounds we got to discussing what Eau de Silvermoon would smell like, and Eau de Orgrimmar and Eau de Thunder Bluff. I think the new rule says that whoever says "There's a blog post in this" gets first bite at the cherry and I won this round.

So yes, Eau de Silvermoon. Himself argued that whatever else it had, it would also have overtones of perspiration but I'm disagreeing with this on the basis that belfs don't sweat (as my darling mother would have it: horses sweat, gentleman perspire and ladies merely glow) but I can't even imagine belfs having sweat glands if I'm honest. They'd certainly be far to fadistuous to ever smell of anything... bodily related. I'm going for something heavy and cloying... something that's a bit OTT, a bit 80s power dressing.... a bit like Poison in fact. It needs a little something else though, I grant you or it wouldn't be very complex. Top notes of something really overpowering. Something along the tuberose family, I'm going for. So Poison mixed with Fracas. Just to ensure that you're totally overwhelmed.

Moving onto Thunder Bluff then - this one was kinda easy. It's all peace and love, earth-and-sky isn't it? So it either smells like a Lush shop (and this isn't a bad thing!) Or it's just quite hippy and earthy and warm. Patchouli and joss-sticks. Basically what I smell when I have to walk through Glastonbury to go to meetings. I see Tauren and this is what I think of. For me, there is no other scent for Thunder Bluff. Other than, and this I can't find a photo for, the way the grass smells just after a rainstorm. Fresh and just all round yummy. Which is odd when I really can't play a Tauren...

Orgrimmar I'm struggling with. It's a bit rough and ready, a bit frontier town. Orgrimmar is a bit whiskey and cigarettes for me. In fact it's not just whiskey, it's bourbon. And it's not just cigarettes, it's Marlboro Reds. Oh yeah baby. It's got that 'Real Man' thing going on. (And yes, I know, drinking and smoking doesn't make you a Real Man. I know smoking and drinking is bad for your health and the health of those around you and doesn;t make you sexy or cool.) But the issue I have with this being Eau de Orgrimmar is that there are (also) trolls in Orgrimmar. And I can't reconcile Eau de Troll with Orgrimmar, so that might have to wait until the trolls get their own place. Or until I've wandered round Zul'Grub a bit more....

Okay, and I forgot Undercity. How is this even vaguely possible? Undercity would smell like the inside of a mad scientist's alchemy lab wouldn't it? All billowing green smoke, choking chemicals, overlaid with the (yummy) smell of old musty books. But the Canals, euch, I guess we need to add a bit of Venice in mid-summer to the mix to really capture Undercity.


  1. I think Undercity smells like my workplace..

    Almost rotten eggs, cheese being made,some chemicals lying around, some turtles in water that doesn't seem to be cleanable, and the odor of dead animals in pots (sterk water n dutch, don't know the english translation, strong water?)

  2. Hey Gowron :)

    My immediate thought was a formaldehyde solution but apparently sterk water was either that or water with a high ethanol content - thank goodness for Google Translate and Wiki!

    And on another, much more important note... what on EARTH do you do for a living??? Are you actually a mad scientist? :)

  3. I love perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. They do a lot of tie-ins with books and so on, but not yet for a game, to my knowledge. Warcraft scents, for all the capital cities, would be perfect for them. Especially as they aren't afraid to do some strange, somewhat unpleasant scents which you would need for Undercity. I've had a lot of conversations about what each of the capital cities, and some of the regions, would smell like.

  4. Think I might have worked out who Himself is *zips mouth* *bounces*

    Also, having to walk through Glastonbury? /jealous. Love Glastonbury, it feels like another world entirely.

  5. @ Ravven - O.o. I might have to check Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab out - thanks for the tip!

    @ Jae - *bounce bounce bounce* indeed! It's not exactly a state secret mind - it's just that Himself is more discreet than I am :) And yeah, Glastonbury is really nice. Just not if you're running (semi permanently) late for meetings like I usually am!

  6. I can go with your description of Orgrimmar as it currently stands, but I suspect that under Garrosh it will smell of teenage boy's bedroom.

  7. @ Sven - thank you for the concession...

    However, you're assuming that I'm intimately acquainted with how teenage boy's bedrooms smell?? I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted!! I'm trying for flattered, but I gotta be honest here darling, I'm actually quite insulted ;)

  8. ' Mad Scientist' sort of

    actually I am a teacher in Physics/Chemistry/Biology for 12-16 year olds, and my 'Cabinet' has a lot of different stuff so the kids can play with those :)

    but I like Mad Scientist