Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Take a deep breath (again)

And so we move to Alliance cities (I guess, out of fairness and all...)

Ironforge. Oh boy. It was a trial finding this image. Never let it be said that I don't devote myself to my blog... (and be really grateful that this was the one I went for!) Ironforge obviously smells like a greasemonkey (in the nicest way). All those inventive dorfs and gnoams and their labour... all the forges and fires banked around. Himself has a view that Ironforge also has random freshly baked cake smells wafting through it - I can't see it myself. What I can imagine is candyfloss. I'm not 100% sure why (maybe it's the female gnome hair...) but hot, almost burning sugar. And on a side note I bought one of the daughters candyfloss perfume for Christmas one year and it was gorgeous. Not something that I'd recommend a grown woman to wear admittedly but on my daughter it was scrumminess beyond belief.

The Exodar - again, I struggled with this. Himself instantly said Dettol, which is a trifle harsh but I can kind of see where he's coming from. I hate Dettol, it reminds me of the school san but I do agree with the whole 'everything being polished within an inch of its life' theory. I'd like to think beeswax or lavender polish but in reality I suspect not. It's probably more bleach-and-synthetic-lemon 'suburban-fresh' than old-country-manor-polished-furniture 'nice'. Interestingly (because I am possibly the least likely person to experience any form of synesthesia) The Exodar feels to me as 'sounds' rather than 'smells'. Odd but anyway - clear glass bells being rung *nods*.

Stormwind - quick disclaimer here, despite being quite Horde-y, I adore Stormwind. I really, really do. Of all the towns Stormwind is the one that really feels convincingly city-like to me. I adore the cobbles, the quarters, the cathedral looming over it... everything about it makes me go 'yes, this is a City'. Bits of Stormwind smells like pubs (how pubs used to smell, that should be, back in the days when I was a (really exceptional) barmaid in my yoof). Bits of it, like the mage quarter, have that slightly lingering post-firework scent of smoke and gunpowder, slightly bonfire-y somehow.

Which leaves Darnassus. Eau de Darnassus is distinctly floral. But nice floral, not overpowering and sickly. It's sweetpeas and stocks and roses and English country garden, herbaceous border floral. I'm not totally sure why. I guess because it's open and clean and fresh. And you know, night elves and nature and druids and everything... It might be a little bit Thunder Bluff - I can imagine patchouli and joss sticks as well, but mainly floral.

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