Thursday, 15 July 2010

Six degrees of separation? Not likely.

Oath wrote something here a while back which ties in nicely with a post I was meaning to write. We all make friends within the game and really, really occasionally run into people in real life who play WoW (in my case in excrutiatingly boring training courses). Both of which are fun. However, one of the most 'interesting' experiences I have had with the whole '...I know you...?' thing was in my former guild. I'd been in the guild forever and was an officer. In the vent officer channel one of the other officers, Arca, who's a similar age to me, was mocking my 'saff lun'un' accent and trying to establish which particular part of 'saff lun'un' I was from. He'd eventually narrowed it down to the right area and something approximating the following conversation took place:

Arca: So which bit exactly?
Me: *Names bit*
Arca: Seriously? Oh my god, I grew up in *very close area*
Me: Wow! But you lived in the posh bit...
Arca: Yes, I'm much posher than you, we know this. Did you go out much locally?
Me: Yeah... it was kinda my wild child time so... yeah...
Arca: Which pubs did you drink in?
Me: Mainly *names pub*
Arca: So you know Esther? (the landlady)
Me: Yeah, wow you used to drink there too? Esther was fab. God, I adored that place. I had so much fun there!
Arca: Esther is my cousin.
Me: ... Serious??
Arca: Yeah, god I used to get bladdered in that place.
Me: Me too...

[Silence as everyone else in the channel has decided that this conversation had just gotten quite interesting]


My brain: Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Please tell me I didn't..... Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck. I hate my misspent youth. Oh fuck, shit, bollocks.
Arca: Errr I don't think I know your RL name...
Me: And I don't know yours. (Not that it would help mind you, I forget names after copious quantities of tequila)

[More silence, then a fractic conversation via /whisper.]

The first time I 'friended' (Gods how I hate that expression) a guildy on Facebook was Arca, in a desperate attempt to ascertain whether we 'knew' each other. Yes, in 'that' sense. And - saints be praised, we discovered that we didn't. But seriously, of all the servers in Azeroth I ended up in a guild with a fellow officer who I probably stood next to at the bar at some point...


  1. As they say, it's a small world.. I can imagine that was some very interesting times trying to figure that one out though *lol* I've never had to worry about such things (thankfully) since I'm from a very small village out in like, nowhere.. for me to run into someone local would be almost impossible I think :)

  2. You made me laugh out loud. Literally.

  3. @ Saga - yeah it was an 'interesting' conversation made more so, of course, by the entirety of the officer corps being so deelpy, unashamedly... voyeuristic about the whole thing. And then obviously being diasppointed by the sighs of relief that indicated the outcome :)

    @ Jen - thanks! It makes me laugh... looking back on it!