Friday, 30 July 2010

Psychometric testing and... raiding.

I'm on chapter 2 of my 9-day management development training (yes... more role play, but actually less cringe making now I can just shrug and tell myself that if I can be a blood elf I can do this) which is actually turning out to be more interesting than chapter 1 was. We also get to play croquet after our (3 course) lunch but that's another story...

Part and parcel of this course is a fairly high dose of various types of psychometric testing which I tend to be a bit 'meh' about, but the last two that we've done are sadly fairly accurate. Yesterday's one was a bit Transactional Analysis-ish, all about 'drivers'- basically there are 5 'types': Be Strong, Try Hard, Hurry Up, Be Perfect and Please People. Anything over 75 is considered a 'strong' style. I got 90 in two of these categories (much to the hysterical delight of my fellow delegates) whereas most of the others got mid 60s, maybe a 70-odd. And I couldn't even bloody argue with it, as it matched up nicely with the two other sets we'd completed... So yes, Be Perfect and Please People (it was the latter which caused no end of hilarity (and... suggestions) amongst the group). Of course, neither of which is necessarily the best set of traits if you're managing people but explains why a) I hate delegating and b) run myself ragged tying to smooth feathers constantly. Lots of 'learning points' for me there then!

At work, my job is basically to liaise and co-ordinate and keep people happy (as much as possible) so Please People makes me pretty good at my job. Equally I have to be very accurate with reporting and stats so I need to Be Perfect.

But - here comes the game tie-in, concentrate... it explains why I hated (and failed at) raid leading. And raiding. And PuGing. Not the best set of traits to go along with gaming; wanting to be perfect and keep everyone happy. On the basis that, y'know, it's quite hard to achieve perfection (the first time please!) when you're fighting a boss that no-one's seen before. It's also quite hard to keep 24 people happy, isn't it? And if this is what 'drives' (i.e. motivates) you and it's fairly unachievable you will be beating your head off the nearest surface, crippled with doubt, misery, stress and other tools of self-flagellation. Equally, if you fuck-up and stand in The Bad you won't shrug it off and get on with it, you'll swim around in the vat of self-loathing for some time.

Can I 're-learn' my drivers? Get some NLP on and change who I am inherently am? Probably, if I put enough time and effort in. Do I want to? Just to enable me to be 'better' at a game? Nope. Is it nice, though, to finally fucking 'get' what the problem is? You betcha. Never let it be said that management training doesn't teach you anything....

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