Sunday, 25 July 2010

Plans, they are a-changin'

The characters I had in mind for Cata were very clear. I was planning on having a resto troll druid and a goblin warlock to begin with. I've got no pressure on me to fly through five levels to start raiding, heaven knows I'm not convinced Pilf will have hit 80 before Cata hits anyway and neither Ahine or Kythes needs to get to 85 with anything approaching speed. I'm quite happy in my acceptance that end game raiding is behind me and pottering about with alts is the way forward for me. Not that I'm even doing that at the moment, ennui seeming to have me in a death grip... But yes: troll druid, goblin lock. Troll's name is placeheld, goblin's name is a work in progress (i.e. I have no clue and anything I can think of sounds either silly, OTT or cliched...)

This was a good and sensible plan and I was very pleased with myself but then Youngest caught onto Worgen. In fairness to Youngest, she is a huge Twilight fan, and y'know, she's 12 which is approximately the right age to be into Twilight. When you're in your 30s it's a bit... sad really, isn't it? (Even though hot young muscular men are, well, hot and muscular...ahem.) So it's completely understandable that she would want to play a Worgen - IF she wanted to play WoW. Which she hasn't. Oh she had a vague dress-up session afew years ago when I'd just bought TBC but since then no interest at all. Zip, nix, nada. But now she has friends at school who play. Female friends I might add, looking at you again Nick Higham, female friends who don't play Farmville either! Nor does my daughter. Sorry *breathes*. She's also been encouraged in her Worgen dreams by Himself... Nuff said. So whilst I'm oh so pleased that I'm raising a gamer-geek daughter (the inner geek's always been there with Youngest, it just needs a bit of encouragement) I want her to play a Goblin with her Mum. I've even shown her how off the hook the Goblin female hair is (I'm choosing to ignore the raging inappropriateness of the Goblin flirts on the basis that it'll be censored before release...) but she's still insistent on her bloody werewolf *sighs*. It's not a faction thing, I hasten to add, whilst I'm all 'For the Horde' rawrrr at present I've no quibble with Alliance other than I don't want to play a Worgen. Even for the top hats. And especially because I know the accent is going to make my ears bleed (see previous link.) But I really do want to play with her. She's a gem is Youngest and we'd have huge fun. I've tried bribing her: "If you play Horde side I can give you money and stuff." Tried guilting her: "Don't you want to come and have fun with me?" I've even tried scaring her: "If you play Alliance I won't be able to look out for you, and there are some odd people playing WoW." Pause. "Like you and Himself you mean?" Pause. "Umm, well, weirder actually." Eye-roll. "Yeah...right!" And none of it has worked. She's set on a Worgen. Which means I have to either *shudder* roll one as well... or leave her to play on her own (well on her netbook behind me anyways) and persuade her to roll on a PvP server so I can pwn her of the superiority of the Goblin race some other way. All suggestions welcomed...


  1. I figure the ganking her a few times with your goblin might do the trick. It'll definitely work off that "nurturing" side of you too ;)

    Maybe let her have a worgen and roll another alliance race that's less.. Twilight? Either that or hope she can manage on her own - she might surprise you! :)

  2. No can do, I'm an Elf girl, Goblins aren't really my thing ;)

  3. I'll look out for her on the alliance side if you want. I can give gold and bags and stuff. :P

  4. I was going to make the same suggestion as Saga, that you roll something non-Worgen on the Alliance side and just meet up with her after she gets out of the Worgen starting zone. Maybe a Dwarf Warlock, hey?