Saturday, 17 July 2010

Modern Sisyphus

Welcome to your life.

I'm not in the best of moods today, I should warn you. Work last week was shit, I've still got this low grade virus thingy that's making me grouchy and my weekend isn't how it should be. For want of anything better to do today I've done a fuck-ton of housework. This is commonly known as 'displacement therapy' - or as my mother would call it, 'ants in your pants syndrome'. It manifests itself by stopping you from being able to settle to anything, not gaming, not books, not music, not TV, not idle surfing, not nothin' (go on, correct my double negative - I dare you!) And it's seriously irksome.

However it does have its plus side. For the last 2 months my house has has the briefest of surface-deep-only cleans. Just enough to prevent Himself thinking that I'm some sort of lazy, sluttish type who'd rather read a book than dust her Venetian blinds. Ahem. I started last night - I've got an ancient floor to ceiling dresser in my sitting room that's very close to my heart as it belonged to my beloved great-grandmother. Over the last year or so it's turned into the repository for all the kipple that I can't find a home for and it was getting past a joke. Now it's sorted. Then I hit the bathroom this morning, sorted the (copious quantities of) girl products and make up. Chucked a lot out. Washed the tiles. Sorted out the thousands of copies of New Scientists in their quietly composting piles.

Then I did the ironing and sorted out the utility room. And the shoe shelves (recycled many pairs, I even tied the laces together like it instructs me to on the recycling box) and Gods how it pained me. Am I ever going to wear 5" wedged sandals? No. Can I cram my feet into the sparkly pink Converses that were cheap on eBay years ago? No. Do I need two pairs of knee-length boots? Oh hell yeah! Then I cleaned the kitchen properly. By this time it was about 2pm and I'd started at 9am. I'm leaving the sitting room for tomorrow and my bedroom has been a boudoir for a few months now so that's always tidy (no smug grins here, I can assure you) once I've carted the wine bottles and glasses downstairs anyways...

I am getting round to making a point though - just hold on for a few more sentences. You know what really pains me about all this effort? (Other than my mother's assumption that it's being done purely to prove to Himself what a 'good little wifey' I'll make. I jest not - good job she was in another room when she made that crack, I can tell you.) What pisses me off is that my house will look lovely for a day, maybe two. Then it'll go back to being covered in clutter again. Housework is the modern equivalent of the trial of Sisyphus.

And here's my WoW tie-in (finally, thank you for your patience.) This is why I hate daily quests. Fucking despise them in fact. Technically, each day I should log my three level 80 characters, take them through the daily cooking and fishing quests (which I don't actually mind) and do the daily jewelcrafting quest on my jewelcrafter. Then I should take each one to the Basin and do the Oracles dailies (nope, no playing nice with the puppymen for me) because only one of them (Shad) has the mount of loveliness. Then, oh I can barely type this... I should take them to the damnable Argent Tournament and undertake jousting. I'm not sure I have a enough profanity to quite get across how much I loathe these dailies. Every thing about that place winds me up. None of my characters have the Crusader title and the ones I was making vague headway with lost everything when they faction transferred. Thank you for that Blizzard. You could make all the other rep transfer across but not the Tournemant rep? Back of the fucking net. Really.

I've not always hated dailies by a long way. Way back when, when the Isle of Quel'Danas was where the kool kidz hung out, I used to spend a happy hour every day working my butt off for the Shattered Sun guys and gals. Kill naga and free murlocs? Check. Bomb bad shit in the Dead Scar? Can do. Pick berries? No problems, sister. I loved the Isle. It was like a cosy neighbourhood. General chat was full of names I knew and in-jokes. I ran into guildies and friends all the time. And I was made-up the day I got the title. The dailies used to net, what about 100g (ish?) and take an hour - maybe less. I used to do them whilst sitting in the officer vent channel and sorting out the nights raid. It never felt frustrating and pointless, like the Tournament ones do. Part of my hatred for these ones stems from my inability to control any sort of 'vehicles' in WoW. I've never killed Malygos. Bastard. I'm directionally challenged and my spatial awareness is... lacking. So yes, vehicles equate to gnashing of teeth and wails of despair. That's why I hate the Tournament. I'd rather shove a boulder up a hill then joust.


  1. Completely agree, I loathe cleaning and dailies too.

    Every day I miss a daily I feel guilty because that's me a day behind on my rep grinds. I much prefer a system where I can do as much or as little as I like when ever I want. Unfortunately that principle doesn't seem to work for cleaning either. I put it off for as long as possible then have mad days of scrubbing.

  2. I have exactly the same hatred for dailies - but why SHOULD I do them? I don't need gold. I don't need rep (while only my 'main' has full rep with all the regularly attainable factions, I don't feel the need for all my alts to have the same). I don't enjoy repetitive tasks and I don't play WoW to force myself through something that isn't fun for me!

    And don't get me started about the Crusader title and Tournament in general. My mage doesn't see any reason why she should spend her time flailing around doing menial tasks for other races. She's a Diplomat and Ambassador sure, but she doesn't want to 'represent' the other races, just help them out.

  3. @ Erinys and Len - YAY! I'm *so* glad that it isn't just me!

  4. First, try mopping the floor and finding muddy footprints by the kitchen sink just an HOUR later. That's pretty fudging annoying *grumbles*

    Second, when it comes down to doing dailies, I will only do the ones I don't mind doing. If there's a particularly hateful daily, you bet I'm going to skip it!