Sunday, 11 July 2010

This is how we (re)roll.

It's Sunday, it's hot and thick (it's like sitting in a cloud of... I don't know - something thick and unpleasant) and my darling daughter has generously given me her summer bug. On the plus side, I'm hoping that this goes someway to ensuring that I'm not sick when I'm on holiday. Also, it gives me carte blanche to do bugger all, aside from collapse in my chair and game. It also means that my head is full of damp cotton wool so I can write a rambling blog post and not care too much! Alt round ups and stuff that's been making me giggle this week (and nothing involving Real ID) follows below.

I cannot play mages. This is my first point. Maybe it's because I love warlocks too much, maybe it's because I don't appreciate the beauty that is magey stuffs, I don't know - but I'm not enjoying my mage at all. And I have tried, really I have. They go out of mana so fast it makes killing things painful. On my lock I just life tap and drain life and I rarely stop to drink. This is quite pleasant. It would help if the drinks I can create on my magelet topped up more than half my mana pool I'd be less grumpy about this - but they don't. And it is a fail. So goodbye magelet (again).

Point the second: I love my warlocks - gods how I love 'em. Sassi is actually getting some playtime at last and I've re-specced her to affliction - having historically levelled as either demon or destro. She's not high enough for afflic to be really imba yet - but she's such good fun to play I don't care. I'm not playing Ahine much - other then to herb when necessary, but that's ok - I just log into her sometimes so I can go "mmmmmm, love lovely warlocks with big destro crits" and log off again. I'm going to have issues in Cata - goblin locks sound sooooooo good - but them Himself has informed me that troll warlocks will also be playable as well. Himself, natch, is over the moon about this, having somewhat of a troll fetish ... thing liking for trolls, but I'm still going down the road of "Oh oh oh - female goblin with HUGE felguard - squeeeeeeee" myself. And as Ahine is destro, and Sassi is afflic, I can legitimately go demon with the goblinette!

Shamans - my server transferred shaman is getting no playtime at all. Which is a pity but when I play her, she's just pixels. So I decided that I'd make another one. And as I've never really played an orc, I figured that I'd do just that. Isn't she fab?

I'm going to have to do the poxy totem quests again though, which makes me sad... And question - she's currently got the BoA 'PvP' staff equipped, but I also have the 'PvE' one. Any advice on which is 'better'? And anyone who points out that shammys should have a mace and shield equipped - I know. But I don't have the BoA ones (if they even exist). Nor is there any way in hell that I'm going to sanity tap to get enough badges, emblems, whatever the hell they are now called to sort this, m'kay? And I realise she's wearing cloth shoulders. See previous argument. But she'll be elemental - because the thought of me playing a melee shaman is frankly laughable... I nearly pushed the boat waaaaaaay out and made an orc warrior - but then I shook myself hard and normal service resumed.

Props to Tobold and Miss M for making me laugh with their RL Reviews. And to Tam for being the fashion police - Azeroth style. This is just fabulous - even if you don't follow the instructions it works - but it's better if you do!! Saga's blog is a new one on my reading list and when I get round to updating my blog roll she's going on there for sure (oh, that's a plan for later actually) and OddCraft is another blog which me massive amounts of joy whenever I read it. Same with Psynister (ok, really am updating the blog roll soon). I always want new blogs to read - if you have something that you've stumbled across please drop me a line or a comment. And of course - this week wouldn't be complete (for me) without giving you my views and Sven's responses. Though his inability to understand come to terms with the female psyche means he shouldn't be getting any link love at all..


  1. Oooh. Shiny new look.

    I can't escape the feeling that there should be an animated kitten frolicking in the background...

  2. Was I not clear on your blog how I feel about you at present Sven?!? And yet you seem utterly determined to make me hunt you down and inflict all maner of unpleasant-ness* upon you ;)

    *'Unpleasant-ness' being currently defined as making you play a Draenei AND ride a sparkle pony *giggles*

  3. meanie..
    the clouds are very... cloudy *nodnod*

    I imagine Pilfkin sitting on one and looking down at you :P

  4. Ooh new design! <3

    About the shaman staff.. you know I actually have no idea. Shaman is probably the class I've played the least. I'm sort of going between the PvP one for the hit rating or the PvE one for the intellect. I suspect you'd be fine with either - pick the one that looks the best! ;)

  5. @ Sven. I win, I win, I win. I have three words for you: The Daily Kitten :) Game, set and match to moi methinks?

    @ Issy - thank you hon. Us girls have taste! And yes, Pilf is kinda on a fluffy cloud in Nagrand so... :)

    @ Saga - thank you also for the design love :)
    I'm currently using the PvP staff for the hit, but I'm never certain how important hit raiting is whilst levelling, and ummmm I kinda prefer it looks-wise. Why they had to give the PvE one the Unholy Weapon enchant grapic is kinda beyond me...

  6. Love the new look :D

    Haha, I'm the reverse of you, I think. I lurve my mages. I rolled TWO new mages this week, a draenei and a troll. Warlocks, on the other hand.... My first warlock, an undead, got deleted at level 31, and my second warlock, a blood elf, has been banking for forever. She *is* flagged to be played to max level, as part of having one max level toon of each class, but she's way down at the bottom of my leveling priority queue.

    I don't think Trolls will have Warlocks in Cataclysm, though. After Cata was announced, I made myself a chart of all the old and new classes, and on my chart, the only new class Trolls are getting is Druid. In Cataclysm, no race will have more than eight classes they can be; for Trolls, the classes they *cannot* be are Paladin and Warlock.

    Aw, your new Shaman is adorable! Shaman are intended to use, and at high levels much better itemized with a 1H+shield, but for leveling, the cloth shoulders and staff are fine, especially since you're going Elemental.

    I've decided that for the heirloom gear, how it looks is more important than the "PvE" or "PvP" stats. The only spell plate heirloom shoulders are "PvP", but that's what I'll want and need for my Tauren Paladin. And my Tauren Priest informed me that there was no way in heck she was going to spend 85 levels wearing skulls on her shoulders like a glubbernugging Warlock, so I had to go out and buy the Mage-styled "PvP" heirloom cloth shoulders for her. :P (My Blood Elf Priest and Mage don't mind the look of the "PvE" shoulders.) I'd definitely buy the "PvP" heirloom staff, because I hate the way the "PvE" one looks.

  7. @Kama

    Troll warlocks were added after the initial announcement:

    See here.

  8. @ Kam - yeah much as I hate to agree with Sven... he's right. My argument was that there was no precedent... then I took an alt to the Echo Isles to pay Zalazane a visit and realised that most of the trolls there are warlocks :(

    And I hope that the shoulders will be ok - irritatingly I'm only a few emblems off having enough for the shaman ones... but that few still requires me to PuG, so it's cloth all the way!

  9. The pvp one is slightly better because you get hit and that bit much more stam, which frankly you need. :P The loss of int is not that much, relatively, so yeah the pvp one.

  10. @ Naofa - I needs stam??? But I can buff additional stam... oh, no wait - that's when I play a priesty isn't it? And I already haz plenty of brainz so the loss of int would, as you say, not be much of a loss :)

  11. Ah, thanks Sven -- I did not know that. It makes total sense for Trolls to be able to be Warlocks, though.