Thursday, 1 July 2010

Friday frolics (or NOT)

It's Friday today - y'all had worked this out already, amirite? And you may (or may not, if you're not a SANer) have noticed that recently I haven't been in Azeroth much Friday to Sunday. This is because I'm busy being loved-up (in real life!) Friday nights are when Himself comes down to spend the weekend with his woman (Darling, I expect you're reading this ... close the web page down now please! If you choose to read it, well ... just pretend to me that you haven't, capisce?) So basically this post ain't gonna have a whole lot to do with Azerothian life (in case you hadn't sussed that already) but if I work it out correctly I might manage a few vague tie-ins somewhere along the lines...

Friday evenings are generally spent beautifying the house (well, when I say 'beautifying' what I actually mean is battling the general kipple levels. And if you needed to click the link and aren't already aware of the majesty that is Philip K Dick go and read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Now, or tomorrow at the latest) and also beautifying me, which takes even longer, vastly longer in fact, but does have the advantage of the butterflies-in-tummy thing. Sorry, I guess I should have provided adequate ... facilities in case anyone is caught off guard and feels ... nauseous. Here, have an air-bag, don't say I never give you anything.

However, this particular Friday will be different, on account of Himself devoting his time to a better cause (I know, a better cause than me! Surely such things don't, or shouldn't, exist?!) on Saturday (it actually is a better cause, much as I hate to say it), all of which leaves me feeling a bit at a loose end. And of course there are a hundred constructive things I could do. For example, it's been too damn hot all week to iron. So I could do that. I could wash the kitchen floor properly rather than just vaguely waving the mop in the right general direction. I could, heaven forbid, be doing a few hours of household/personal admin *yawns* or maybe not ... Equally, I could be reading a 'proper' book, one from my reading pile that hasn't lessened much recently because, and I apologise for the revelation, I'm re-reading my TrueBlood set (sorry, sorry, sorry - this is nearly as bad as 'fessing up to the Twilight saga isn't it?) But I won't be doing any of that, I'll be sitting at my 'puter, listening to soppy music *cringes* and counting the hours til Himself arrives and hugs me again ... Another air-bag? Of course - here you are. Thank you for choosing Pilf airlines, please fly with us again.

However ... if you're still reading, I can actually tie this in to WoW. When I gave up raiding I did it 100% cold turkey. I went from 7 nights a week to nothing. And boy, was it bloody strange. I also kinda gave up WoW for a bit, on the basis that if I logged on I'd be twitchy round raid time and ... I'd end up raiding. And it was beyond weird for the first week or 10 days. I'd spent so much time gaming that really I wasn't too sure what to do with my free time, other than ... game, and yes, I realise writing this that that comment sounds vastly sad. That's honesty for you, sometimes it isn't so attractive! I've never been a big TV fan - I spent most of my childhood without a television so it's never equated to relaxation/downtime for me. I did read a lot but I had the edgy, fidgety, unable-to-settle thing going on which meant I didn't really take in what I was reading. Eventually I watched a lot of House on DVD - series 1 to series 4 I think. Then I made a lot of alts. I like routine you see, and deviation from what I view as 'routine' throws me a curve ball. But I did get used to it, and since I started gaming again, I've been much more measured in my playtime, in the main.

So with the next few Fridays (actually, the next few weekends in their entirety) consisting of Himself being Otherwise Occupied (again, quite legitimately, I should add) I need to find Stuff To Do. Otherwise you might end up reading this type of thing again. And that would be B.A.D would it not? So I'm going for:

  • level Sass a bit,
  • pick lots of flowers on Ahine,
  • possibly even take Ahine jousting (noooooo, I can't be that bored!!)
  • read up on troll lore and RP,
  • avoid beta info *cries*,
  • maybe play the mage (who isn't fun compared to 'locks) a bit just to prove I can,
  • write no more posts that will make me die of embarassment when I read them the next day...

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  1. Know what I do when I'm not playing WoW? Well, I like watching anime, so I open up my list (which I use as a kind of bookmark so I don't forget my place in a series, as well as a "wtf do I watch now? Aha that'll do"), open up a streaming site, and watch a few episodes, marking them off as I watch. And it's great! I don't have to think at all.

    Currently patching Aion too, because I want to play an MMO! *twitch* ;)