Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Enough already.

Ok - I finally hit the wall. I'm barely able to drag myself out of bed in the mornings at present nevermind hold my head up and function all day, before collapsing in a heap the minute I get back through the front door in the evening. My holiday is still just over 2 weeks away *sulks* and I have no idea if I'm going to make it that far. Something has to give. And it has to give now. Unfortunately, few things in my life are optional - daughter needs to be gotten up in the morning and fed and watered and shipped off to school, then looked after in the evenings, I have to go to work, catch up with my (slightly neglected) mates, shop, clean the house, do the laundry and the ironing etc etc. The weekends are hectic in a wonderful way, but I'm running out of hours in the day and days in the week.

I'm barely logging into WoW at the moment - unlike Himself I don't have a beta key (and I'm not sulking about this, obviously...) and I can't blog about a game I'm barely playing, so I'm easing off the gas a bit for the summer. I'll post as and when the mood takes me, but, for a while, my days of posting (nearly) every day are on hold.

I hope y'all have a fantastic summer - both in game and out and I'll reappear properly in September.


Pilf and Sally


  1. Hugs. Will wait for your return and hope you have some peace and relaxation :)

  2. Enjoy your summer - that's what they're for anyway, right? :)

  3. You probably deserve a break after all that tidying anyway :P

    Have a great holiday :)

  4. @ Saga - thank you :) Summers are good *nods*

    @ Issy - Oh. My. God. I've had to do it all over again this evening. This aspiring to being a Stepford Wife thing is haaaaaaard work...!