Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ambassador at last

Finally, bloody finally I managed to get Ambassador on Ahine. I've been trying to finish my Thunder Bluff rep grind, in a very half-assed way for weeks now, without, needless to say, going anywhere near the damnable Argent Tournament and their equally damnable dailies. Which I know is the easy way to do it, but I fail so unimaginably at jousting... well it's not even pitiful. They'd need to invent a whole new set of words to give 'credit' to just how badly I fail at jousting (and quite how filled with rage I become too). So it's been the old fashioned rep grind via questing thing for me. Which is why I'm so pleased I'm done.

Ok, there was a teensy-weensy bit of cloth turn in involved. But only 60 runecloth over the first set of hand-ins... because I was losing the will to live.

Poor Ahine, she's my first ever proper character and it's taken me so long to get any title at all for her. Unfortunately, as she was my first, she'd done all the obvious TB quests like Ashenvale *shudders* and Thousand Needles *shudders more* and Stonetalon *tries to stop shuddering to no avail* back in the days before I knew enough to stay the hell away from those areas as they are pits of despair. Sorry. I ended up doing Feralas quests (not an area I usually go to) and even Ragefire Chasm to get to nearly exalted. Then, yeah cloth turn-ins did it, as above.

And then I logged off, and stopped bending Himself's ear about finding the right bloody harpies to kill... So tomorrow it's back to the Shamalama!


  1. Gratz! It's a wonderful feeling :)

  2. Congrats :) Ambassador feels like a much bigger achievement when you do it outside of the Tournament dailies :D