Wednesday, 16 June 2010

This should be my 100th post...

But it isn't - it's my 99th... go figure!

My love-affair with WoW has been intense in the main, with brief periods of frustration and doubt, and the occasional smidgen of dis-interest. I'm currently at a dis-interested point, RL is providing me with a lot more fun than Azeroth at present, it's the summer blah blah blah. I'm not going anywhere, but as I play less, I blog less...

Back along, on a whole 'nother blog, I wrote a 'thank you' list. So often we read doom and gloom on blogs; PuGs that failed, changes Blizzard are making to our favourite class, changes that will/won't be being made to the game with the next x-pac etc etc but for me, as you all know, the game is about the people. So here goes the (updated and improved) list, in vaguely chronological order. Some names have been shortened, some changed, some just as they are, depending on how I think the person would feel...

Zalaxta - GM of my first proper guild, Horde side. For giving me and a few others the impetus to leave the playground guild we were in and start up on our own. Zal went MIA about 2 years ago with no warning and we still miss her and wish she could have said goodbye.

Ag - for being the paladin every guild dreams about having. For being an arrogant SoB (who I now admit, doesn't have a ponytail, either in Azeroth or in RL!) I have to admit, he's one of the players who's opinion really does matter to me and the day he admitted he was 'proud' of me I knew I'd made it to the bigger leagues.

Bob - for being the small dwarf with the big feet. For being the person I partied with loads, once he'd been persuaded that whilst PuGs suck, instancing with your guildies is a blast. For being part of the 'Friday Five' and for being an all-round, good-natured guy (even when the donkeys were braying loud).

Kin - for being another legend, my co-raid leader and subject of my adoration. For adding the phrase 'the big dude' [you have to imagine the broad Glasweigan accent for max effect] to my raiding vocab, and for all the times he literally whistled up the raid 'come along raid, up the stairs raid, that's a good raid...' And for being a donkey-kicker...

Swar - for being the fastest leveller I'd ever know, or for being a 'bot. I was never sure which. This guy gets much respect and every excuse to /flex.

Pen - for taking shit as a fellow healer and always bouncing back. For being an incredibly brave woman (in RL) and for continuing to play despite chemo, sickness and tubes.

Sai - and his multitude of alts. For being a walking, talking wowwiki and knowing each class inside out. Most importantly to me though, for being my mentor, the priest who explained to me that hitting 70 was when you learned to play your class. Who held my hand through early Kara, who provided wonderful, constructive critisism and advice, never through raid chat, guild chat or vent, always through whisper. Who gave me buff food and made me realise that fishing would be worth it in the end. Who picked me up so many times when we were wiping, who talked me out of giving up healing, who made me, in some ways, the player I am today. I could write a chapter on this guy. Sai, I always have, and always will /swoon in your presence.

Patish - for being totally off the hook, opinionated, bonkers and a huge part of the Friday Five. Also sadly gone but not forgotten.

Arca - Drunken GM extraordinaire. For making me realise that there are only 30 people in the world and the rest is done with mirrors. For making my laugh so much I cried when we realised that we'd probably met previously in RL and had drunk in the same pub for some time (but fortunately, didn't 'know' each other, in the biblical sense - thank goodness for FB. There's a whole blog post in this story in my drafts folder that I'm not quite brave enough to publish...)

Blonde - who I wuv virtually more than anyone else in game. My favourite PvP fanatic. A classy lolwock with attitude. I could write another chapter on the fun I've had with this guy but some of it would need censoring (I give you Wispas and a cup of hot chocolate.)

Sem - for being the most non 'tard hunter I've ever met. For having a T-Rex called Bolan. For turning into a chick and dancing in Shatt wearing only his tabard (and the screenie says it did happen). For being guy that always had room for a cute, biker spacegoat on his hog, who kept me stocked with mana and health injectors. Who made me robots and cuddly things but most importantly, for being some random druid who I PuG'd with, and, on the off chance, sent a cheeky letter to, asking to be kept in mind if his guild ever needed another priest. The guild he was in was RotS. Sem has also been lost to RL but often sends me texts, especially when Ziggy Stardust comes on the radio. Sem, every time I hear Bowie, but admittedly mainly when it's Ziggy, I think of you crooning down vent.

Akasa - for being another RotS dude and for letting me duct tape him when the (>'.')> got too out of hand. Props to the Camden boi...

Cat - For being the coolest tree on the planet. For waving her branches at the bad guys. For her funky moves on the dancefloor. For reining in the ladz when they need it. For being another injection of much needed oestrogen and for being her own, truly enigmatic self at all times.

Noir - for being a squeaky lolwock who gets regularly sacrified to keep the raid gods happy and never complains. And she's a gnoam, 'nuff said!

Chops - for being another non 'tard hunter and for being a space goat. For being da bosses henchman but always (well 99.9% of the time) in a nice way. For having the biggest laugh and the smallest bladder on the planet. For allowing 'comfort breaks' to be renamed as 'Stevie breaks'. For keeping me informed of things I *really* didn't want to know, such as 'monkey face' (not a CHANCE - go google it...)

Ex - for being da boss(y). For calling us 'kids'. For never pretending that RotS was anything other than a dictatorship. For giving me immense shit on a regular basis and hiding that cuddly-marshmallow interior behind a tough-bastard-Glaswegian exterior. Ex, heaven forfend you ever see this you *are* a hunny-bunny-wunny-kins. And yes, I did let Nao read the screen when you're busy fretting about me /smirk. You pissed me off a great deal but only because you're even sarkier then I am. Very few people can out-argue me; Ex is one of them. He's also the reason RotS were so wonderful and, as they never recuited, I'm very grateful that you gave first me then Naofa a chance. I hope we did you proud.

Jeeessus - and the variations thereof. The guy who had to make the RL vs WoW decision. When I logged into vent that evening to say goodbye I'd never known it so quiet. And I know that I wasn't the only one in tears either [thanks for whispering me Kitty, I thought it was just me]. His final words were 'I have to log, this is worse than getting divorced and I'm not joking'. It sounds melodramatic until I think back to when I was quitting Synergy, the speech I typed to the officers and the tears I cried for along time afterwards. Jees, I salute you mate and I hope playing RL with the missus and the kids is giving you more pleasure than Azeroth ever did.

Stadi - for confirming my belief that all rogues are deeply depraved, not just the undead ones. For regularly saying stuff you usually have to call an 0898 number to hear. For being my personal lockpicker and for being more grateful than I thought possible when I gave him the pet that I only ground to prove I could.

All the Synergy raiders - who are to numerous to name. The guys who were immensly encouraging and put up with me finding my way as a baby raid leader. Despite it all going wrong eventually (not enough experience, too high expectations and immense self-pressure and self-critisism on my part) you guys were imba.

Naofa - what can I say? You were my partner in both Azeroth and RL for a long time. You were my other half, the tank to my healer, the calm to my tantrums. Without you I wouldn't be playing this damn game still... and despite everything, I thank you for this.

Tam - for starting up SAN and giving me RP at a point where I was pretty much done with WoW. For the fantastic blog, the numerous mouthfuls of coffee spat at the screen and the general fan gurl awe you (still) inspire in me.

Issy - for being another girl IRL *gasp* and for being a kick ass orc. For making me giggle a lot. For the comments on my posts, for the hysterical blog you write, for the emails when I needed them. And for just being your all round, fun lovin' self.

Erc - for being someone special who journeyed around Azeroth with me and kept me up waaaaaaaay to late on numerous nights. For all the screenshots I took, for the nelfs, the spacegoats, the numerous alts. And for the t-shirt, I send you *hugs*.

Kao - for being a fellow priestess with attitude, and for being a stunning healer. That MC run will be embedded on my memory as one of my most enjoyable times in Azeroth.

Zal - for the advice as I took tentative steps into RP. For being the 'Beachcomber' and for making me realise just how incredible RP can be with the right person. For really understanding Pilf and listening as I talked myself round in circles trying to 'fix' her. For giving me inspiration to write and the courage to to continue. The muse and the artist are inextricably linked...

Jae - for writing a fantastic blog. For being a fellow 'let's play dress up' girl. And for being one of those people who just makes me happy when she logs onto guild.

All the SANers - who I haven't named, to stop this post being even longer than it is. It's a privilige to have played with you all. My blog list is huge nowadays and even though I'm teh fail at commenting I love the breadth of writing that I have found via SAN. It's been a joy to be guilded with intelligent, witty, mature people. Much, much love, many hugs and vast quantities of cookies!

Nameless - for personal reasons. The person who introduced me to WoW and bought me the game and who is no longer in my life. For all the water under the bridge and everything that happened I still thank you for the introduction to Azeroth and the people that inhabit it.


  1. Aww, that's such a lovely post (and I am glad to have merited a mention).
    It is incredible to stop and take stock of all the people who've touched your life sometimes.

  2. I, too, am honoured to have merited a mention here.

  3. Aww, really lovely post, might steal the idea one day.
    And thank you for the mention, needed a smile today :)

  4. I take it there's an entire post about how awesome I am in the works? Nice one ;)

    Grats on the 100 (nearly!) it takes some dedication for that :D

    Lovely post tho. Definitly going to steal this idea at some point in the game ^^

  5. @ Tam, Issy and Jae - it's been fab, really, really fab to have 'met' y'all. I'm the one who's honoured :)

    @ Jak - yes dahling, my centenary post is reserved for me to discuss the majesty that is hellfire boi *hugs*

  6. *hugs* awww thank you!