Monday, 7 June 2010

Stuck in the middle with you.

I'm slightly stuck (you may have noticed... or you're just *really* observant and read the post title...) with both my gaming and my blogging at present.
Real life is conspiring (in a good way, for the most part) to lessen my game time. This is totally healthy, in a RL > WoW thing but is knocking on to make my characters feel stuckety-stuck-stuck-stuck which is less than good *pouts*. I've got plans for my baby warlock, Yassias, which makes her effectively unplayable until the autumn. I'm not raiding on Shad and seeing as how I'm trying (and failing) to plough through Northrend on Pilf I CBA to repeat the quests on Shad just for the sake of goldz. My paladin, bless her, does the occasional few laps of the Basin or Icecrown to mine but then I get bored, yawn and log off her. Am I finally getting the pre-xpac blues? Oh noes...

Of course the *actual* problem is more complex than the above sentences and is all caught up in Pilf and where she is. I've got so much entangled in her that all the time she's miserable and unhappy, playing her is a miserable and unhappy experience. She's fed up of sitting in the City so I dragged her to Northrend to try and get a few more levels under my belt and I took no pleasure in it at all. All she wants to do is wander up and down a beach in a unattractively goth-lite manner, getting more and more fucked up (apologies for the cussin', I don't usually do that...) which is pissing me off a great deal. I suspect she's writing bad poetry too... Yes, this is boundary blurring, I know. No it's probably *not* all that healthy. Is it possible to intensely dislike something you enjoy so much? I remember my love/hate relationship with raiding but at least that had set goals, desired outcomes etc. RP is so much more layered than raiding, darn it! I don't know where to go with her really, and that's saddening. And yes, the logical answer is to leave her be for a bit, and come back to her a while down the line, refreshed and able to take control of her again and steer her the right way. But dammit, it ain't that easy!

Of course there is always another solution which is to roll another alt... but I'm not sure what I fancy right now. Gah *wanders off to find convenient wall to bounce head off*.

*Image yoinked from here. I suck at knowing the right way to borrow images...


  1. As much as I hate to say it cos I like having you about, maybe it's time for a break? In general. Come back when you feel passionate about the game again :) I find it helps. Have taken breaks to try out other games or go away and it's always helped. Whether to refresh my view of WoW, or to break away a little.

  2. Aww Jae... The trouble is, I do feel passionate about it (well, Pilf anyways) and that's the frustrating bit! I've plans afoot to sort Pilf out (I think) and in the meantime have gone to a whole new server to try something completely different, so if I'm not around as much, that's why.

    Failing that, I will insert a complete and total pause and try to enjoy the break!