Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A simple plea

Wish I was here...?

Ok - I haz a plan for Cata but I need ... input.

Specifically, help from the mons and the monsettes out there...

I really want to play a troll. Like really. Specifically a resto druid troll. And I have a long list of resto druid blogs that I can crib from, but nothing that will assist me with troll lore. And this is where you wonderful people come in. Gief linkies! And I'll bake y'all delicious cookies in the flavour of your choosing. Deal?

Horde ones only though *giggles*


  1. A good place to start is this giant troll RP guide:

    It covers most of the basics in one place.

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  3. aww you're all wunnerful - thanks :)