Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Re-loading my mojo

Wa-hey - Azeroth is fun again! Seems like my (kinda) break has helped a bit!

Not that there's a great deal happening mind - Pilf finally made it to 63 *gasp/swoon* but has since wandered into the woods and gotten distracted again *sigh*.

As I commented, on my other blog, I've come to the conclusion that she's basically a teenager. However much I talk sense to her, tell her that she's behaving in a ridiculous and irresponsible manner, and however much I think I'm getting through to her, she basically does the teenage hair flick, rolls her eyes, says "whatever..." in a bored voice then wanders off to find sex, drugs and rock and roll. Or warlocks, depending on your point of view. I get the feeling that I may struggle to drag her back to Northrend for a while. Last I saw of her she was muttering about a journey to Silverpine...

Sassi is behaving herself (well, someone has to!). But I think she has a yearning to be a mage...

She's also grown her hair a bit - and overnight too (why does this not happen to me??) And is on route to offer her services to the Forsaken in Tarren Mill. It's fun playing Sass again - I was determined to put her on hold, pending something later in the year, but my levelling co-dependency has put the mockers on that.

I am, and here's a surprise, failing at playing my mage. I need to be dragged back to her, to at least get her to 20 (10 would be a start though) but I'm having that new server thing... no gold, no bags, I've-done-this-recently-and-I-don't-want-to-do-it-again pouty moment and I cannot bear to go through the DK start zone again to enable myself to make some gold. That said, I eventually will. Or I'll re-roll on AD and negate those issues...

My level 80s, Kythes, Shad and Ahi are being hugely neglected. I hear rumours that something patch-like is dropping tomorrow with a new raid, but as I haven't set foot in raids for months it's kinda irrelevant to me. Nor am I playing pat-a-cake with Real ID until they give me an 'appear offline' option a la MSN. And yes, I am a bit stompy about this - I hate logging neglected characters on old servers just to catch up with friends but I do not want to be accessible on Every Fucking Character All The Fucking Time. How is this unreasonable...?

But enjoying playing again is A Good Thing. It's still summer (although the longest day was yesterday - Summer Solstice already - waitwut - where has half a year gone??), weekends are still busy, working and (RL) playing is taking up a lot of time (in a good way!) so there won't be any epic levelling adventures in the short to medium term but hey, it's good to mooch around having fun again.


  1. Oh what a cute screenshot of Pilf! :D

  2. Yes it is.

    Unfortunately what it has led to has been deeply uncomfortable (for me, not for Pilf). I can only hope that her 'journey' has been worth it and she sorts herself out now. I'm going to try and write it up on the other blog, well I'm going to write it as my standard 'debrief after RP' thing then see if I feel it's 'right' to publish it.