Sunday, 13 June 2010

On with the alting!

I've been a bit of a fail recently, both WoW wise, blog wise and in a myriad of other ways. Normal service will be resumed shortly and to start the ball rolling... Yes, another alt! (I know, the shock! Pick yourselves up off the floor and dust yourself down.) I'm also intending to give Pilf a breather. But as with all best laid plans...

I've had many abortive attempts at playing mages and I grind my teeth everytime someone expounds on how much fun/easy they are to play! I get them to 20 and then get bored and wander off, only to delete them at a later date. I think my highest one was 46... And I am fully aware that it's at 20 they start to get fun, but thank you for pointing it out again. Oh I get the 'glass' bit of 'glass cannon' alright, it's just the 'cannon' bit I seem to be lacking. No that wasn't a metaphor so stop sniggering in the back there. So for your lulz, I have rolled another mage. And I'm going to try really, really hard not to hate her. For your sake, you understand. Not because I have a secret yearning to chuck flames and ice from my fingertips. Not to mention make things that irritate me go baaaaa. Seriously, of all the spells I would like transferred into RL (please, when some bored deity has a moment) polymorph is high on the list.

Thus far I am singularly failing to be over-awed. But in fairness I'm only level 7 and all classes suck until at least 10, amirite? Faster icebolts frostbolts begin at level 10? And technically I guess I should sheep things already. But dragonhawks are prettier than sheep. I guess I should be practising on the thingies... ummm the Wretched?

{Image yoinked from here. This is one of my favourite websites. And my eyes are never green. Please, someone have mercy and tell me how I should be doing image credits - I like piccy's on my blog but I don't enjoy always having a nagging feeling of guilt...}


  1. I had the most fun levelling my mage. As long as you can put up with the blood elf "Not ready yet" saying thing, you're sorted!

  2. I got my mage to 80 and realized she wasn't much fun... so I feel you.

    Also, in the case of DeviartArt at least, the answer is "you're not allowed to use the images at all" (unless otherwise stated by the author), so no kind of credit would make it legal to use it. Now, in the real world... some artists are very protective of their pieces and would probably ask you to take it down even if you linked back to the original. I personally can't care less who uses my images as long as they don't make money out of them, so... I guess it depends on how much you want to risk pissing people off :P For non copyrighted images I use and Flickr (search for Creative Commons images), but they probably won't be as pretty as this.

  3. @ Jak - yeah but that's common to all belfs :)

    @ Jen - Eeeeeek! And "insert swearing here". Dammit - that site has the most beautiful pictures as well... But thank you for the advice - I'll try the sources you mention in future.

  4. don't despair fair pilfkin, just browse the stock images on deviant art - those are usually free to use (if there are conditions, the user mentions them in the discription).

    sure, the most beautiful pictures are not in this category, but at least you don't step on anyones toes :)

  5. Also, if you particularly like a picture, just ask. I'm sure many people would like a bit of publicity, as long as you check with them if it's ok. The downside is that you might run into someone who doesn't check their account very often...