Sunday, 27 June 2010

Liquid brain matter.

I'm suffering from an overload of belf-age. Actually, that's not *strictly* true. I love my belfs - each and every one of 'em. But as I'm feeling fickle (even more so than usual) I have suddenly grown a multitude of alts... All of them are belfs (I know - the shock must be terrible. Here, have a cup of strong, sweet tea.) So I'm getting ever so slightly over Eversong and Ghostlands. I know that this is easily remedied by a) rolling another race (does...not... compute... *reboot brain*) or b) going to a different start zone... but bleugh. I don't wanna... I currently have 2 mages, a paladin, a rogue and 2 warlocks all under level 20. I think. This is the problem with having two accounts... there is way too much room for alt-age y'see. What I should actually be doing is levelling my shaman, or my DK. Or my mid-40s warlock. Or even making some gold on one of my 80s. But I adore the promises that new characters hold. The potential for what they could be, the as yet unformed personalities.

AND I got a mage to level 10! But I think I'm doing it wrong - help me out here, there's something wrong with basically just using one button surely? All I seem to do it hit 1, which is where which spell is keybound? That's right, that's the binding for Frostbolt. So I mash that and if I get really bored I walk on the wild side and hit button 2 which is where Fire Blast is. And things just fall over. Now that dizzy heights of level 10 have been introduced to me, should I mix it all up with Arcane Missiles or should I just continue to mash 1? However, I guess I can practice sheeping things as well. For lulz if nothing else!

I even re-visited my level 80 lock today. Man, I really need to L2Play her again. This was the 'lock I took through the disasterous PuG of Emo, so I'm not currently her greatest fan. And I logged on and thought - bah NO instancing... questing then... gief moar golds plox etc (no I'm not playing pat-a-cake with stupid jousting, I'd rather finish up questing) and it was just... well it wasn't anything really. I didn't have fun, but I didn't hate it either. Which I how I feel when I play Shad, Kythes and my shaman (who's name, shamingly I can't remember because I changed it when I server transferred and have barely touched her since!) as well. And then I realised, I've gotten used to playing characters with a personality of their own that all my PvE toons feel like just that. Toons. Pixels. They don't feel like 'people'. And I'm not 100% sure how to fix this. I guess I could engage my creativity and bloody well think about them and formulate a back story/character traits/something for them but I'm not sure I've really got the will to. When I get a moment I might try but other than that, I don't know.

And it wouldn't be an alts post without a mention of Pilf would it? I went here yesterday:

And I had a brief moment of, and please try not to laugh, "Pilf would love it here'. Which made me (momentarily) incredibly sad. In both senses - 'sad' in the modern-yoof usage, inasmuch as 'oh good grief it's pixels, get it together woman' and 'sad' in the more traditional usage of 'I'm a bit upset.' Because somehow I feel like she's painted into a very tight corner. Of a mixture of her making and mine. She really quite needs to vanish, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm leaning towards popping her onto a floating island in Nagrand and leaving here there until... well, that's the thing. I'm not sure until when exactly. Until she chills out/calms down or until I forget about her.

And this was exactly the way I did not intend to finish this post. So I need something to make y'all giggle. Let's start with the fact that iTunes has gone insane with the heat. I have my (i.e. mine and the sprogs) entire library set to 'random shuffle' (or whatever it's called) and it is determined to just shuffle between The Smiths and inane drivel that belongs to the kids. So I'm either being seduced by the grand master of contempt or I'm listening to brainless drivel extraordinaire. My brain is melting. And go here and if you don't a) see a hundred things you want, or b) die laughing then I cannot help you. Really, I can't.


  1. I hope you have more luck than me.. I couldn't *force* a personality on an old character :(

  2. I'm not holding out much hope. It's irritating isn't it though? And curious... After all, if I can conjoure new personalities for new characters easily, why is that so different to taking a blank canvas and creating something?