Monday, 17 May 2010

Shiny, shiny, omg sooooooo shiny!

I _finally_ got my new broadband sorted out on Friday after months of low grade niggles and 'I really should sort this' moments. And big congrats and props to my ISP provider, who, at the point where I rang up to request my MAC code (MAC code - that's like PIN number isn't it...?) decided to try to convince me to stay by telling me that they could effectively double my speed and halve my monthly bill. Note to all ISP providers out there: You offer your loyal customers this before they get fed up and decide to switch; all that happens if you offer them this at the time of leaving is that you piss them off even more.

So I have shiny new router (it's matt black with blue neon lights /strokes) and it's all plumbed wired in and I realised how much smoother WoW was running. Then it was suggested that I should look at my video settings, max them out and see what happens. What happened is below:

Well behaved nelfers *nods* no bouncing here...!

Stormwind _never_ used to be this detailed!

The Cathedral actually made me stop whilst I looked at it. And then I forgot I needed training...

Frosty breath in the snow!! I can't believe I've missed details like this for the last three years!

I'm sure for the majority this isn't something new, you're sitting in your chair with a slightly confused expression in your face, scratching your head a little, wondering what I'm blathering about. Go back and look at my other screenies and compare them to the ones above. And join me for a moment, if you will, in a group squeeeeeeeeee!


  1. Squeeeeee!

    I remember turning up my video settings (just coz I could) and going into raptures about the shadows. Previously, they had just been circular blobs of shadow, but now they run! The have limbs! They do exactly what my toons do! As they do it! Etc!

  2. Totally! I'm now doing a Grand Tour and screenshotting like a mad thing, holiday snaps to follow :D

  3. Yay!! I just upgraded my video card, and while I could see frosty snow breath before, it's definitely like getting a Cataclysm preview :) Hurrah for our low expectations!!