Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Normal service has resumed.

Cos I have a plan *cheer*

Thank goodness for Other Halves who let you witter and twitter and tie yourself into knots whilst you talk yourself to a conclusion. I went round and round in circles last night - as those present on gchat were witness to (sorry!) but I did finally get there.

I really, really can't fathom how to make my DK a happy, dippy, flower-pickin', tree-huggin', bunny-strokin' gal, which was the original plan - I don't want another character who has issues, who needs 'mending' thank you. Pilf has more than enough issues; sure, that's what makes her so endlessly fascinating to me but I'd quite like something a little simpler. More upbeat, cheerful, that kind of thing. So the DK idea went on the back-burner til I can fathom a way to have her 'redeemed' in such a way that (and this is a completely personal thing of mine) I don't feel like I'm loling at the lore.

Enter stage right my usual blank looks and sighing at the character screen. Can't play a Tauren (sorry) cos of the scratching thing. Plus planning to have a troll druid in Cata, and can't play a troll because I can't face RPing a troll accent (aforesaid troll duid will be an educated troll, who has had elocution lessons). Can't play a Forsaken because (sorry again) they have joints and sinew sticking out through their clothes. Yes, I want to play a character that I like looking at. So shoot me... Can't play an orc because they're all lok'tar, warriors of the Horde, hit things with big axes. Which race does that leave me..... hmmmmm... what is it now? Oh yes. A blood elf. Are you all shocked and surprised? I'm sure you are.

So class... can't play melee *scared face* so no paladins or rogues. Hunter - ditto re Cata. Mages, god I wish I could like mages like playing mages. I really want to enjoy playing them. They stand there, at the back, and go pew-pew in pretty robes, but I just lose interest *snaps fingers* like that. Which leaves me with a warlock. Wewt! I love warlocks - aren't happy endings wonderful? *winks* So a shiny, happy, ditsy warlock... well yes actually. She's going to be well balanced, from a 'normal' family, she just has a predilection for...demons. She won't be omg-evil-felsworn but she will be a little... mischievous. She'll also be a slightly batty (in an affectionate way) alchemist and scribe so Pilf will get play time herbing and therefore be able to continue her story (and will hopefully hit 80 just before Cata is released). She will, in effect, be a little more like the interwebz me. But hopefully not a MarySue me (god someone hit me with a big axe if she goes all MarySue!) and she'll give me a break and allow me to have fun and be a bit naughty... and stuff...


  1. Whee I am so pleased happy Pilf is happy again :)
    sounds like a plan :)