Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ennui - no thanks.

The nelfers are causing me to have slight de ja va. Well, not de ja vu exactly, just flashbacks to how it used to be. I'll happily put my hand on my heart and say that I have no idea when I last levelled a character without the Recruit a Friend triple xp, BoA chests and shoulders, or both. Man it's slow!! But good. Couple this with being on a new server where I have zomg-no-goldz and it's all a bit weird. Fortunately my partner in nelfage does have characters here so he's been vaguely pimping me out in a money-for-bags-and-training kind of way. (Ok, not pimping me out. That had unpleasant connotations. What I mean is that he has given me some gold in return for... um... no favours of any kind. Just so we're clear.) I have rolled *deep sigh* yet another DK because I refuse to be a kept woman; in all fairness there are very few people who understand my obsessional need for pretty robes and even fewer that are willing to finance the habit...

But, my DK is a space goat *cheer*. I missed space goats. Pilf-who-is-now-Shad was a space goat so my DK looks exactly like she used to. Except for the plate armour thing. And I facerolled the DK starting area even though I had promised myself that the next time I rolled a DK (because I'm not daft enough to kid myself that it would never happen again) I would actually read the quest text, listen to the characters (the only one I usually take any notice of is Noth - poking him and listening to him bitch is so totally ftw) and generally get to grips, lore and RP-wise, with the whole shenanigans. And so, much fail was had, as per usual. But at least I got her out of the starting zone, even though I was fractionally confused as to why I couldn't use the Org portal... I have faction confusion issues. She's now riding laps of Elwynn and Westfall mining (to feed herbs to the scribe/alch priest) and mining (to make some gold and to feed to the Partner in Crime rogue).

But levelling, yeah. We've done pretty much all the quests in Westfall and a lot of the quests in Redridge and we're about level 16. The last time I ran Westfall I stopped half way through the quests there because I ws 20-something and was getting no experience. I hadn't realised quite how used to 'cheating' I'd gotten. But it's ok, there isn't a timeframe here in any way. It's just fun to be poncing around again somewhere new and actually I've always wanted a night elf priest. I was even persuaded to go PuGing. At level 16. Fortunately RFC isn't actually that difficult, if all the group wants to do is kill thingy Taragaman. In our case it was harder than it should have been. First the gnome mage thought that he was the tank and should be able to pull at will. Even though I was being thoroughly told off by the PiC rogue, I couldn't bring myself to let him die. It's why I find healing so stressfull... even when people are blatantly being asshats I really struggle with letting them die. Add to this the warrior who kinda wasn't doing much and the random... uh someone, can't even remember which class, who dropped group instantly. However we finally got a druid who knew what he was doing and just as it all started to fit together (as much as can be expected anyway) the warrior and the mage went one way and the druid and the rogue went another. Ok now even I admit I can't keep everyone alive when they're going in opposite directions so seeing as how I'm officially the rogue's healing bitch I went with him and the druid. Staggeringly the warrior and the mage died and we carried on, me carting my 'must res' guilt in a big black sack over my shoulder, with the rogue lecturing me: "Don't res. Don't you dare go and res, they can run." For some reason the mage decided that he wouldn't run and the warrior decided he'd rather go and quest in Durotar, and seeing as how we'd used the 'vote kick' to remove the person who dropped group but didn't leave party (and really thanks for that...) we couldn't kick then. So we 3-manned the rest of it, me the PiC rogue and the druid and it was fine. It was very touch and go right at the end, the adds are casters and I was managing to pull impressive healing aggro but we did it. And I felt quite pleased with myself. I've decided to spec her disco-disco from the start (yes you were right!), I've only ever had a disco spec at 80 but apparently disco is viable for levelling PuG healing... And new challenges are good!


  1. "in all fairness there are very few people who understand my obsessional need for pretty robes and even fewer that are willing to finance the habit..."

    That would be me among that group......of course....

  2. Now you know what most of us felt like when we first popped into SAN :p

  3. @ Nao - yus *nods* it's all true.

    @ Jae - indeed :) It's quite hard work isn't it *scratches head*