Wednesday, 26 May 2010

May the road rise up to meet you.

This is basically a very short not really WoW related post so feel free to skip. RL has gone a bit weird of late and the last 48 hours have been emotional, tiring and stressful. Doing The Right Thing isn't something that I usually have talent points in, you understand. My relationship macro of doom, historically, has gone something like this:

/cast Denial (DoT)
/cast Misbehaviour
/recast Denial (keep that DoT ticking)
/cast Bitch (max rank)

Repeat above until hit (probably critted) by:

/Relationship Meltdown (non-dispellable, stacking debuff)

This time it went more like:

/cast Deep Breath
/cast Honesty (HoT, even though it might appear more like a DoT initially)
/cast Firmness
/recast Honesty (needs to be reapplied regularly; can stop ticking without warning)
/cast Discussion

Which is better. Relationship Meltdown still happens, but in a more mature, empathic, managed way. And hopefully, after some time has passed, you get left with Friendship.

~May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on you.~


  1. Oh shit, please tell me I misinterpreted and you and Nao haven't broken up? :<

  2. umm sorry Jae. You didn't mis interpret.

  3. That really sucks. *hugs* are you okay?

  4. Yeah I'm fine. It's ok, Nao needs the hugs more than I do, I suspect. But thanks Jae - people taking time out to be supportive is much appreciated *hugs back*

  5. Hey, ((((huggles))))

    What's a mature break-up like? My ever (self) lovin' ex is distinctly not

    Will email you!


  6. /dispel debuff

    Chin up, kitten :( The wind might be at your back this time.

  7. Oh, honey! Whatever the reasons, even if it's the better thing in the long run, it still hurts in the moment.

    *BIG hugs* and hot cocoa, and ice cream (or whatever your comfort foods happen to be)

  8. hugs and hot cocoa and ice cream for your girls (your RL girls) too -- how are they taking all of this?

  9. @ everyone: You know you're all so damn lovely it hurts. Seriously how did I get blessed enough to meet such a great bunch of gals (gender assumption I know - for which I apologise if I'm incorrect!)

    All this "it's just pixels" is proven to be bollox when people take time out like this. Much love to all of you. You have _no_ idea how much it means to me.

  10. Pilf

    Sorry to hear that. It may feel a long way off now, but if you can reach that point where you can both be friends again, it is worth it.

    Stay strong & remember that /deep breath bit.