Friday, 28 May 2010

The good, the bad and the... other.

One of the reasons (ahem) that I haven't been levelling Pilf is that I find it so easy just to sit around in a city and watch the world pass by. Yes ok, specifically Silvermoon and yes I know what everyone says about Silvermoon. I do remember poor Sassi's experience...

But I really enjoy spontaneous RP. I'm not sure that I'd have the imagination or prowess for large 'scripted' events, but the casual stuff is wonderful. Mainly. RP seems to come (unsurprisingly) in a variety of flavours: the good, the bad, the weird and the meet-my-ignore list. RP also only seems to happen on Pilf, which is odd. My other characters get nada. And WoWScribe is a fabulous addon, which makes writing these sort of posts much easier...

Let's start with the meet-my-ignore-list scary. A while Pilf got chatting to another blood elf priest, it was a pleasant conversation, nothing earth shattering (nor, and I would like to be clear about this, was it anything vaguely resembling cyber-lulz), just a bit of gentle banter. I logged off and logged in the next day to find I was now on their friends list. Ok that's fine, I guess, we'd had some RP and yeah, maybe to be expected. But then every time I logged in I got a whisper. Every single time (hence my lack of game time on Pilf for a few days). Quite often ones that said 'Hey, I was waiting for you to show up'. Okaaaaaay. Because I'm inherently a care bear, and despite all advice to the contrary, I didn't spell it out in a kind of 'ok you are creeping me out slightly, please back off' way but I did imply that I was busy, not online all that much etc. As the tells got more...inappropriate I began to worry, then out of the blue I got something SO unpleasant that I hit ignore. And I really don't use my ignore button a lot. 30 seconds later I got a similar tell from another on of their characters. Oh great...ignore again. And another one. Ignore. I figured that that'd be it, I knew those three characters belonged to them (ugh gender neutrality is ugly but I really don't want to categorically state 'he' when I don't know for sure it was, however the character was a he, so that might fix it). I kind of breathed a sigh of relief, but too soon. I got another tell, level 1 mage in newbie belf land. Great. Ignore. Then another. At this point I was starting to freak out in a low key way, I admit. And on the third tell from a brand new alt I sent back something along the lines of 'If you really want me to report you, please keep doing this. GMs can access chat logs and actually harassment is against ToS'. That seems to have done the trick...

Of the weird (but good) flavour, an undead rogue with an...umm... foot fetish - thanks to the magic of Scribe (names as ever, blanked to protect the innocent *giggles* and apologies to 'K' if she was appalled by this!):

S** grabs Pilfkin foot.

You raise your eyebrow inquisitively at S**.

Pilfkin says: Can I assist you?

Pilfkin says: If not, would you mind letting go of my foot....

S** raises his eyes at her and freezes. Then he lets go of Pilfkin's foot slowly.

Pilfkin looks down at S**

You wave at K**.

K** curtsies before you.

S** stares at Pilfkin.

K** says: Is this...stinking undead touching your feet in an inappropriate way my lady? shall I turn him into a frog?

Pilfkin says: I haven't yet decided quite what he wants.

Pilfkin says: But so far he has behaved...

S** ignores K**s words.

You frown with disappointment at S**.

Pilfkin explains that K** is a friend.

S** says: D..ea..d...

Pilfkin stretches out her feet, flexing her toes.

K** examines S**

S** touches one of Pilfkin's toes softly with tip of his finger, still staring into Pilfkin's eyes.

K** frowns.

You smile at K**

Pilfkin says: Yes....?

K** says: I will leave you alone... for now, but I will be in hearing range if some hexing is needed

Pilfkin says: Thank you K**.

K** curtsies.

Pilfkin stretches out her other foot slowly.

I must add that this sounds great deal creepier than it actually was. I don't have Scribe set up to record whisper and he (again, assumptions based on character gender) had spoken with me via OOC whisper to check he wasn't freaking me out. After he left he sent me a charming tell, thanking me for my *ahem* 'kindness' and saying he hoped that 'A' bumped into Pilf again soon. What? Stop frowning, a little light RP never harmed anyone *grins*.

Onto the bad/weird. I'm not copy pasting this as it's a bit yukky. Safe to say that anyone who thinks I'm going to cat fight in the middle of Silvermoon, with one of their more badly behaved 'females' for their cuber-lulz is going to be disappointed. Yes, I'm looking at you Mister 'Slave Trader' and your badly behaved... whatever. And godmodding, as far as I am aware, is rude ergo these emotes:
C*lr*nn* suddenly lifts her right hand up and with out any forewarning backhands Pilfkin across the face.

really don't work. Even if they are a hook for bringing her back, and trying (and failing) to get her to apologise...Or something. Ok maybe I am going to copy paste some:

C*lr*nn* says: I apologise Miss.

Pilfkin says: And you think that that will be enough?

C*lr*nn* again with out any warning, attemts to backhand her again across the face.

Pilfkin raise her hand warningly.

Pilfkin says: Sir, I would suggest that you remove her before she causes further mishap.

S*nd*n takes a seat and watches the drama.

S*nd*n says: Well, remove her yourself.

C*lr*nn* says: I ask you forgiveness miss.

S*nd*n says: C*lr*nn* why don't you kiss and make up?

Pilfkin says: Can you really not control her Sir?

S*nd*n says: Of course I can.. what you think I'm doing.

C*lr*nn* nods slighly as she steps closer to Pilfkin, attemting to kiss her firmly on the lips.

S*nd*n's eyes widen as he snuggles the corner of the bench, suddenly very interested.

I logged out. No thank you, NOT that kinda girl. Catfight then making out in the middle of the City at peak time...nuh-huh?!? I have no objection to providing entertainment (ok, that sounds waaaaaaay worse than I meant it to!) occasionally but NOT that kind of entertainment. Nothing to see here folks, move along, kkthnxbai...

There's one more I want to write up but it deserves more than a copy paste out of Scribe job. In fact I think that it might deserve Pilf's point of view. So later then...


  1. wow some people are persistant !

    I might have to find the foot guy and get him to check out Nim's (I am positive they are stinky.. she never takes her boots off)

    You don't half find 'em :P

  2. Yeah I know :D People are fun though! And it does keep the game interesting!!

  3. Can see it making things interesting! I really need to find a little time to join in one evening :p Have Jae's 'around the town' outfit and everything - OOH THAT'S MY TOPIC .. whenever I can be bothered to spend hours with wowhead and model viewer. :D

  4. Jae - come and play :D It's good fun - especially as it give me (Pilf?) an excuse for pretty dresses...! And yes - go write /shoo!

  5. Might be a while, poking Dan into doing another guest post (they usually seem to go down well), and another post I'm planning on top, not to mention RL kicking my butt a bit giving me a dose of the writing 'mehs' or was it the 'blahs' /shrug. But yus, hope to be back soon!