Saturday, 8 May 2010

Early mornings are best avoided.

[This post brought to you courtsey of possibly the biggest WTF moment I have had in WoW, overriding the post I was intending to write today]

I keep hearing that Silvermoon has a bad rep, hence 'Sillymoon' and 'Cybermoon'. Allegedly it's the Horde version of Pornshire Goldshire. I guess I just don't go to the right (wrong?) places because I've never seen anything untoward. I don't flag myself as a 'Mature' roleplayer, nor do I have a FlagRSP description that implies I'm...uh... 'up for it' (What? It's early and I'm still a bit bemused...) but I do spend a lot of time there when I'm just chilling out and wittering on gchat. I like the RP that goes on in /say. I like the RP guilds based in the vicinity of the City. Also, if my characters are going to have 'downtime' they would choose to do so in the City, Pilf especially. And, let's be honest here, I do spend a fair amount of time kicking around and not doing much *grins*.

So I woke up at silly o'clock this morning (natch, it being a Saturday and all, when I don't have to get up...) and thought I'd go take Sassi levelling. I was walking towards the City exit, down the Walk of Elders and I realised that having got to grips with Spotify last night (kinda) I could start sorting a playlist out. I alt-tabbed out for a second, long enough to drag and drop a few songs (and I love Spotify by the way, and the fact that I can work it means that I'm not totally over the hill ancient!) and tabbed back in to find... well, I'll let the screenshot speak for itself.

Ok, I admit, not the fastest set of responses I've ever had, but I was a bit on the back foot. I would assume that even the die hard ERPers at least want people to introduce themselves before they start trying to disrobe you. And Sassi wasn't even in her little dress! She was wearing the heirloom robe and shoulders. And I kinda think that actually I shouldn't have blurred the names out.

So ladies and jellyspoons - what would you have done? I tend to go for the 'kill it with sarcasm' approach (in RL as well as WoW - not that I've encountered this kind of thing in RL), which, in this case did work, they backed off, but I still feel a bit... ucky. All joking aside now, what the screenshot can't express, of course, is that they kind of... circled around Sass (and the fact that I was staring at my monitor going 'wtf'? Are they really trying to do what I think they're trying to do? WTF??). Even when she backed away, they got her in a sort of pincer movement until she was backed up against a wall, which I didn't emote because well, I was trying to process what was going on and how I/she should react. Should she have run? Yelled out for the Guards? Just walked away? Hearthed? What? But dammit, why should I feel the need to run away from pixels (yes, I know, immersion breaking, but something like that does tend to have that effect on me.) Or am I having a huge over-reaction to a bit of 'harmless' RP? Other people having the right to their own immersion, storylines and character personalities, and all that. Thoughts appreciated, and in the meantime, I'm going to log off and, I dunno, do something that isn't WoW related. And doesn't make me feel like I need to shower with bleach.


  1. Haha, you know what I would have done ;)

    with an added..

    *Hmmm you're right.. That is your _little_ friend. Don't call me.*

  2. They did what now???

    My feeling on RP, especially in 'E'RP (cos that's really not E) is that you really need to establish consent. In an RL situation, I doubt that those people would actually behave in that way, what with their being laws against that kind of thing (specifically!). But I have a sneaking suspicion that they would like to do things like that in RL, so they RP it to get their jollies.

    So, no. Not an over-reaction. Your avatar is an extension of you and yes, their avatars are extensions of them (potential for 'over-compensating' joke will just have to pass this by) and stuff, but they have no right to infringe on your immersion etc. Which is why consent is equally important here as well as in RL.


    You know, you could track them down and make them suffer... I'm sure you wouldn't need to go very far to get an audience, either!

  3. Erm.. *sympathy* though - and yes, ERP must be consentual.

  4. @ Issy - yes to the first point. That was where I was trying to be with the /sarc. And thank you for the sympathy in point 2 too hun :)

    @ Pulse - /huggles. And umm... stuff. I'll email you... But yes, you're totally right re consent, of course. The funniest thing ( depending on your sense of humour) is when I logged back on their GM was recruiting in trade. Something about 'levelling in a fun and friendly environment'. I had to relog before my head went splody! I assume that they are indeed teenagers with complexes but still... yuk. However I've cleared my head about it all now - after all, that's what the 'ignore' button is for...! And I guess RP servers are a cross section of humanity as well, up until now everyone I have met in an RP context has been adorable - I guess there will always be one or two who... aren't.

  5. It's so hard to find the "line"... how do you extract yourself from their over-the-line RP without breaking character or interfering with/disrespecting their RP?

    Being the rude, ignorant person I am, I'd probably tell them EXACTLY what I thought of their pathetic attempts, which is probably the wrong thing to do RP-wise. Or put them on ignore, with or without a "you are being ignored" statement. But I don't play on an RP server.

    Nobody needs that crap. If they think that this behavior is acceptable, they are hiding behind their in-character personalities.

  6. @ Zelmaru - I'm sort of still going over this in my head... I think the bit that bugs me is that I didn't react well and/or fast enough. Cos the _obvious_ thing to do, right, is just to run away, or hearth or whatever. But I'm so used to being IC most of the time now that there's a sort of... transition period (if that makes _any_ sense at all) between IC and OOC. Which is where I fell down. But yes, at the end of the day, you DO have to respect others RP/immersion but I think that's dependent on them respecting yours. And if they overstep the mark with NO warning - well bollocks to them. If y'know, I'd got an OOC tell saying, are you ok if we < insert whatever scene here > because our plotline is < whatever it is again > it would have made my feminist hackles rise in an 'this is NOT ok in game or in RL' way, but at least I could have then had a heads-up. And now I'm ranting *breathes*. But yeah, I've basically just restated your point when what I mean is, yes, concur!

  7. That is totally crazy! And we all know these guys were just being pizzles- look at their poor grammar. It could've been an interesting RP thing, but as you point out, something that bizarre *requires* an OOC tell beforehand (or at least during).

    And I totally don't think you should've blurred out the names :)

  8. Oh, poor Sassi!
    My Kaelinda had something like that happen to her when she was very new to adventuring, as well. She was attending to the runestones along the southern border of Eversong Woods when she got a seemingly innocuous "hello" whisper. She replied to it with "?" (the equivalent of a raised eyebrow, in my mind, at the time), and the fellow proceeded to try to seduce her. I did a "who" on him, discovered that he was in the Barrens, of all places, and started replying that Kay was confused by how someone so far away could be trying to touch her, and how wierded and spooked out she was getting. Eventually I just told him flat out "Leave me alone", which, fortunately, he did.
    And I, like you, felt very creeped out and icky afterwards.
    /hugs from Kay to Sassi

  9. This would have completely freaked me out. Completely.

    I am impressed you remained in character though, I suspect I would have tried to react the same way, but I'm not sure I'd have had the cool to pull it off

  10. @ DA - thanks :) And yes, in this instance I did consider not blurring names, but my personal morality code _is_ to blur and I'm damned if those two are going to make me break that :)

    @ Kam - thank you. Everyone had been so lovely and supportive and Sassi will be fine - she's young and resilient and will now watch herself in the big City. Plus she may take to having a minion with her at all times for a while. And poor Kae - people are very odd indeed /shakes head.

    @ Tapleia - it did. Completely! But like I said, so many people have been so supportive and have reassured me that I feel a great deal batter about the whole thing now. But still, I'll avoid the City in the early mornings for a bit...

  11. Lurking ERPers! They come out at nig- er, in the early mornings, and feed on the unsuspecting! :)

  12. I'm going to be hardline for a moment, because as a roleplayer from wayback I hate RP being used as an excuse to be a douche.

    Given that (a) the content here was fairly explicit and (b) it has - if you don't mind the observation - clearly genuinely bothered you, then RP or no RP this is sexual harassment. Even if it's "in character" even if they don't know whether you're a girl IRL. Under these circumstances you really aren't under any obligation to respect people's "RP" because they were behaving in a way that was *actually* upsetting you.

    Sorry, I get touchy about this kind of thing, because it's very easy for roleplayers to use "It's in character!" as a way to excuse behaviour which is *actually* unacceptable.

  13. Hey Chas

    Please be as hardline as you want - I'm so new to RP still that I'll be the first to admit that I'm unclear as to where the 'societal' lines are drawn.

    And your observation is also correct. It bothered me because, despite masses of evidence all over my blog which I'm the first to admit, is contradictory, I actually do consider myself a feminist, and whilst gender politics doesn't belong here, it does bother me that ANYONE feels it is acceptable to behave like that. Like Pulse said, IRL there are laws against it.

    However, and this is me being lazy as hell here, but I don't know what constitutes 'RP harrassment'. And really, a GM will do what? Talk to them sternly...? All of which leanes me a bit muddled but trying to make light of it and not let it ruin my gaming and my RP. So eventually, when I've worked it through in my head it will come into Sassi's story.

    Anyways, now I'm lecturing you, which was not my intention at all...