Sunday, 2 May 2010

All orphans are not equal (or why Children's Week worries me)

After trying to persuade Pilf that she must be kind to orphans of all races, including, for example Grunth I decided that there had to be an easier way. She was only going to give the poor orcling even more of a complex (and a higher therapy bill) than he already had, poor soul, so I made her return him to the Orphan Matron is Orgrimmar and gave her a stern talking to about children not being returnable goods. I'm not convinced that she agreed with me /sigh.

Then I went to Orphan Matron Mercy in Shattrath's Lower City to try again. Fortunately this time Pilf was entrusted with the care of Salandria - Fates be praised, a Sin'Dorei girl. But this is where I begin to worry. Pilf has taken to Salandria a great deal already. She wanted to visit the Dark Portal so Pilf took her there... I had to physically restrain her when some unassuming dorf, also visiting with his dorf orphan came over and patted Salandria:

Poor bloody dorf - there he was trying to be pleasant - after all, all orphans, in both Factions are well... orphaned because of the War, and Pilf was ready to get him by the beard, swing him round over her head and chuck him to the Pit Commander to munch on. Or something. In her mind she could have anyway... None of which bodes well for the next week. Especially with her current muddled emotional state - I really don't need her to start getting clucky - watch out Afaon...!

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