Monday, 26 April 2010

Two letters... and a gift.

[Disclaimer: I make no apologies for the fact that this particular post (and probably a few others to come) is about the Other Half and myself exploring RP between our characters in Azeroth. But it is just RP - it's not ERP! This is about whether we can 'collaborate' on something RP related in-game and keep it 'separate' from RL, if that makes any sense. The Other Half will probably be writing from the other side, as it were, on his blog.]

Today I received the most extraordinary letter in the mail. It came from a paladin by the name of Afaon, who states that he has fought alongside my cousin Naofa, on various Crusades. I am delighted, charmed and appalled in equal measures! My cousin should know better, should be more of a gentleman, than to be bandying my name around with his comrades. Reputation is everything with the Sin'dorei, I shudder to think of his companions knowing who I am; goodness knows that any respectable gentleman would not think highly of a woman who was discussed in this manner. But I know my cousin and I cannot believe that he would discuss me in a derogatory way, more likely that he has confided to his close friends, to his mentor, if the letter be believed, that he has concerns for me. I am trying to recall whether I have passed Afaon in Silvermoon. He seems fairly certain that this has happened - and on more than one occasion! I confess that I do see Naofa in the company of his comrades in the City occasionally, but I have never gone and spoken with him or introduced myself to his companions - I would never be that forward! And gossip circles Silvermoon at the speed of wildfire, the last thing I would want to do would be to cause Naofa's family any reason to tighten the reins they hold over me or give them any indication that my freedom should be curtailed!

The letter contained, and I can barely believe this, an enchanted broom, such as those that sweep away the dust motes in the City! Where he would obtain such a thing I have no idea! It is utterly delightful, such a thoughtful gift, which makes me convinced that Naofa must have talked about me in some detail; how else would Afaon know the pain my homesickness causes me, my longing to be back in the City, walking in the Woods, paddling off the coast? I fear that he would think less of me for this weakness, but then I realise that he must, in some way, understand it to have obtained this charming gift for me. Of course, I assume that all paladins are like Naofa, the thrill of the Crusades staves off any homesickness they may feel, or more likely, their 'world' is not receptive to such tendencies. I ventured back to the City after receiving this gift and took it out of my bag - it behaved exactly like all the other brooms, save that wherever I went it followed me. I feel a childlike awe every time I see it!

Of course I was then in a terrible quandary - how should I respond? Without a mother to guide me, and not wanting to alert the wider family I feel hopelessly out of my depth! To not respond would be unforgivably rude. Nor would I want this to reflect badly on Naofa - a member of his family shunning such a gesture from his mentor could be very difficult for him and adversely affect his prospects so I decided I should reply. I found writing a response very troublesome, determined as I was to strike the right balance between correctness and, dare I say it, encouragement. I know that I have resolved not to get myself entangled with anyone but I felt it would be appropriate to pen a note carrying my thanks and my wish that next time he happened upon me, he would introduce himself. Is this terribly forward? I feel that it is (and I can imagine the wider family's reaction if they ever found out - I would be 'escorted' back to the Cloisters post-haste) but what alternative did I have? And, though I hate to admit it, I am becoming weary of seeing the world revel around me whilst I carry on my independent way.

Whenever I visit the City I see couples in the Inns, watch the drinking, the flirting, the hot-headed arguments, mainly with a cynical view but occasionally with something resembling jealousy. To have someone feel so much for you that their hand flies to their sword at any perceived slight, real or imagined must be a wondrous (occasionally tiresome) thing. Oh, I know Naofa would defend my honour to the hilt, but he would do this for family loyalty, not for more complex reasons. Not that one would wish for a man who found any excuse to drink and duel, but occasionally always being the witness, never the participant induces melancholy.

I have therefore written to him, thanking him for the wonderful gift, and asking that he would allow me the opportunity to express my gratitude in person. I have no idea when I will be able to do this, as I know from Naofa that the life of a paladin is an unpredictable one but feel that the Fates will eventually align and allow me to thank him. I am already at a disadvantage - I am unable to repay this gift, so the least I can do, I convince myself, is to have manners, remember my kin and try to find some gracious words to express myself.