Monday, 12 April 2010

To Outlands.

My travels broaden still further and have finally led me to Outlands - beyond the Dark Portal. The immediate area, Hellfire Peninsula, is an unimaginably awful and aptly named place - baked by the unceasing suns, a desert of red rock and sand, full of hostile creatures and the shattered remains of the Burning Legion. The main township, Thrallmar, as one might surmise, is full of orcs, with trolls, tauren and forsaken, and even the occasional goblin (on the lookout as ever, for business opportunities) too.

Fortunately I met Martik Tor'seldori there also, who assured me that the sin'dorei had an outpost in the same area. Falcon Watch is unmissable, a shining example of civilisation, its gold clad tower rising into the skies: proof that even in the midst of savagery and hostile terrain, my people can create beautiful architecture. I have offered my assistance naturally, and they have been able to find me duties to undertake. Duties which, I hasten to add, are hard to bear when coming from other races, but when requested by my own people are an honour. I may still be relatively young and inexperienced, but I am able to do my part for the betterment of my race! I understand that not far away is the capital city, Shattrath, where The Scryers have made their home, soon I will travel there...

One thing has made Outland bearable thus far. In the midst of Thrallmar I discovered a stable of winged beasts and was astounded to learn that they were both trained and docile! I am ashamed to say that I was overtaken by my emotions; the desire to be free, to be able to take to the air on a whim, fought with my normal frugal instinct and won. Before I had time to think this decision over, I handed over many gold coins to a troll who taught me the rudiments of 'flying' and then even more gold to a tauren who chose a suitable wind rider, as these beasts are known, for me. I know that this was a ridiculous unjustifiable expense but I believe that the ecstasy of swooping through the air will be something I shall never grow weary of. The freedom, the ability to rise high into the sky, to see the land stretching out below me, the settlements insignificant, the people in them even more so, fills me with a feeling I struggle to describe. The enormity of the freedom granted to me fills me with gratitude so strong I have spent much time brushing away tears (some of which I try to tell myself are caused by the wind stinging my eyes) trusting my wind rider to hover, until such time as my vision clears and I am reliably able to pick up the reins again and steer her in the direction of my choosing.

My time in Hellfire is now nearing an end. I have been asked to hasten to Swamprat Post, an outpost of trolls, and to offer my assistance there. As I have been asked by my kin I will go there, but I have so enjoyed being with my own people that I do not relish being in the company of trolls once more.

{I realise that much of this sounds familiar, I was less than happy with my original Outlands post.}


  1. You still amaze me with these stories Pilf

  2. Many thanks - I'm still hugely enjoying writing them!