Wednesday, 14 April 2010

That reputation? Sometimes it is deserved.

Because however bad the PuG fail may be, it's all blog fodder, right?

So in our battle group there is a certain realm that makes everyone despair (and I have no idea if this is standard - but I would be intrigued if this the situation in all battle groups?) In a straw poll recently (i.e. asking on g chat) one person said that had PuG'd with someone from that realm and they hadn't been 'too awful'. That was the most positive comment. I had yet to have had any experience with this realm (urgh, ugly syntax is ugly), which I will call TRoF (The Realm of Fail) mainly because I avoid healing PuGs like most people avoid standing on top of high buildings during thunderstorms. But happily the Other Half tanks and there's a lovely priest in the guild who heals out of preference, leaving me to practice my deeps (and whinge about my lack of AoE). So the three of us decided to go PuG-festing because, hey when the tank, healer and one DPS know each other how bad can the other two DPS be...?

We get a hunter and the seemingly obligatory DK. Well, ok this is Outlands at mid-60s and actually, in the main, I have gotten over my irrational hatred of DKs. But I digress. Actually, I don't, because just when you convince yourself that it is not reasonable to hate an entire class based on the actions of a few (asshats), and remind yourself (often) that you know people who play DKs well and are all round good sorts, it is painful to have your nearly forgotten prejudice come back and slap you repeatedly round the face until irrational hatred comes screaming out of it's (nailed and padlocked) box going 'Wheeeeeee! Remember me??? Well here I am again.... wheeeee!' Now not letting the tank pull is high up on my 'How to be a Asshat in PuGs' list. It's at joint Number One (along with chain pulling and not realising that your healer cannot heal with no mana, for fucks sake what is wrong with you, oh yes please blame me when the group wiped because you couldn't wait 25 fucking seconds for me to have a fucking drink what the fuckety-fuck is wrong with you, you fucking jerk *breathe*) And yes, Death Grip has its place and yes, it is useful, for running mobs, for casters, for incidental aggro and actually the Other Half is grateful when it's used like this. When it is used because you Mr dps DK from TRoF feel that despite not being the tank, you have the right to decide when to pull it is a giant pain in the fucking arse. The Other Half asked him not to pull. His response was 'tank faster'. The healer warned him that if he continued to pull she would not heal him because, say it with me, he is not the tank. Now here's where I get cross. I go to vote kick. It tells me 'players cannot be vote kicked during or shortly after combat'. WTF??? So even more incentive to be an asshat and chain pull then... because if you stay out of combat for too long you'll get booted? Really - how does this help? Eventually, the Other Half, the healer (who is lovely and I adore and I'm only not writing her name because I'm never sure if people mind being name checked), me and even the hunter had had enough and we let him die. Pause. (Natch, he demands resses...) I hit the vote kick button - I'll be the bad guy, I don't care at this point (though I assume that other might have been as well), and it tells me that he cannot be kicked for another 8 minutes. What????? Now I might be going mad but I'm 99.99% sure that in 3.3 the timer for the vote kick was removed. Either we got a bug, my memory is screwed up or they didn't implement this, again, if anyone knows please share, because it's annoying me. The DK from TRoF continues to demand resses. We all continue to take no notice and carry on (the vote kick timer is saying 8 minutes before I can kick...) We take the first boss down and continue clearing trash. The DK continues to demand resses, seriously, this would be the point at which you release and run... Eventually he releases and gets to his corpse, let's flow with a delightful stream of Italian and leaves the party. We get a nice rogue in immediately, who's words upon entering the group are 'thank god, no-one's from TRoF' (I promise you, I'm not inventing this) and we carry on and clear the instance. And because I can understand most, but not all of the insults I present you with:

I love the fact that there is an Italian version of 'nab'.

If I could be bothered I would Google the words I can't understand but I think it's enough that I got 'bastard' 'whore' 'piece(s?) of shit' and 'nab' (actually I assume nabbi di merda is 'nab shit'?) This from someone who presumably felt he had behaved in a civilised manner and that somehow, the other 4 people in the group were in the wrong /le sigh.

I also wish that I didn't need to adhere to my personal rule of not naming and shaming because on occasions it's fucking well warranted. And this is one of these occasions. But it's thin end of the wedge territory, I know... so I blur all names in screenshots (thereby protecting the innocent and the guilty) but it makes me grind my teeth which does nothing for my pressing headache. And apologies for the rant. But I do feel better for it!

[EDIT] Further apologies for the unusually high level of profanity, which I usually try to avoid but this time I couldn't help it.


  1. Took the liberty of doing the Google Translate thing - nothiung about prostitutes, but lots about shit and sons of bitches. And something about 'cracked' and possibly shitty noobs.

    I take it it's someone's name in the brackets? If my guess is close, that person might be the exception to his torrent!

    What is it about certain servers that are keepin' it classy?

  2. Oh dammit - I was sure there was a prostitute reference in there somewhere >.>

    And yes, it was the hunter's name in brackets, I think he felt that he was being particularly gotten-at, interesting to know that he actually might have been the exception! A tiny part of me is delighted to have actually borne witness to this oft-mentioned realm... kinda feels like an initiation rite that I've taken part in!

  3. *hugs*

    sorry we abandoned you to an ebil DK :(

    The "whore" was probably just imagined because that's what we all call Pilf ;)

  4. Personally, if I'm writing good things, I don't think anything of naming people. I don't mind if somebody wants to write a blog post saying "Jaedia is awesome and lovely and you should buy her shiny things" ;)

    Also, I'm guessing "SHITNOOBS" heard that one a lot coming from my battlegroup's TRoF, that's right, my main server is the crap on in our battlegroup LET ME OUT!

  5. @ Issy - hmmm I think that you will find Pilf's therapy bill winging its way to you in the not too distant future ;)

    @ Jae - noes!! How is that possible? You do not deserve to be in TRoF in your battle group *sad face*, you should be in TRoAwesomeness!

  6. Wow, that's ... err ... quite the insult. I'm really glad I know the Italian for SHITTY NOOBS now.

    Next time I will bestow upon you The Prettiest Elf, to save you from TRoF, although you may very well wish I didn't :)

  7. Yes, the change wasn't implemented, sadly... you can't kick people earlier than 15 minutes into the instance. And you can't kick them after you finish the instance (after the boss that gives the satchel), which is very annoying when someone logs off without leaving the group... They're offline but they can't be kicked in any way, so if you wanted to continue playing with the other members (from different realms), you're screwed.

    Also, I'm pretty sure there's a 'whore' in there, except your lovely DK spelled it wrong (it should be "putana", one t, afaik). 'Figli de putana' would be 'sons of bitches'.

  8. i hereby allow you to name me if you wish to mention me, my awesome healing skillz and / or fashion sense!

  9. Hey Pilf, thanks for linking me to your post about the infamous italians.
    Thankfully the problem got less prevalent after they bundled more servers together. Now the rest of the EU realms can all get a little "NABBI DE MERDA" themselves and share our previous misery.