Thursday, 15 April 2010


Excited blogger is excited.

For those of you who don't read this hmm, well you should, because not only is the blog full of awesomeness the writer is a stunningly talented artiste to boot. And a few days ago the offer of commissions was made. Even though there's a few oceans between us, thanks to the wonder of money transfer through the ether, I was able to arrange and commission for Pilfkin to be immortalised as art for ever. I'm deliberately not putting in exclamation marks because damn it, it if the entire post wouldn't just be full of them.

And not only is the artiste incredibly talented, they have managed to totally understand, from my serious description fail and a few screen shots exactly what I wanted, sample quote: I find it hard to describe her, I just know what she feels like when I play her. Because, let's face it, you have to be pretty awesome to get what I mean from that, and yes, of course I provided a bit more info than that but even so. Awesomeness regardless. And this morning, in my inbox was the mock-up of the sketch and I know it's early but I'm am so excited, even though my caffeine levels are stopping me from bouncing all over the room... well I'm bouncing in my chair.


  1. I love Dristanel :) she's awesome. Did my RSS button *joins the squeeee*

    I wish I had a little spare cash to get a commission done, would like a full body coloured image of Fae when she's been Draenified, though for now I think I'll wait for plushies and the Celestial Steed.. *bounce*

  2. Heehee - lets both squeeee together :) I'm so excited it's ridiculous!

    I was at work all day so the comment re the celestial steed had me confuddled (boo for gaming sites being blocked at work) but having come home I agree that the squee is warranted. The only problem is that there is no way Pilf would get on one >.>

    I think I might need a plushie though - that's more justifyable in my head, on the basis that it's 'real' and not just pixels....