Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Shallow? Why yes I am!

~Hugs go to Issy - who know me well enough already (!!) to realise that the beginning of this post was basically already written and was just waiting for the screen shots~

When all else fails and I really can't be bothered to do anything remotely constructive I go to WowHead. I cannot tell you how much I love this site at the moment. The 3D viewer is hours and hours worth of time sink - plus it's cheaper than being at the AH with my finger hovering over the 'buy' button. It tells me for example, that I am going to spend the next few weeks (months?)that I am doing to run Scholomance one more time for a shiny (it dropped - squeeeeeeee!) because my current mission is to get Pilf a Magistrix set of clothes. This does not mean that I need the entire set oh no, because fortunately I want to look like the Belf Magisters in Silvermoon (and I nearly do - look at the screenie!! That's Pilf!!) with, eventually, the addition of this (yay for more jousting?) and that's not what the Magister's Regalia looks like (too much purple to start with). And the base robe is tailored (and BoP I'm glad I picked up tailoring as I could see myself ditching my professions to enable Pilf to wear it).

But back to WowHead. It's building me a nice list of stuff I want to have in my bank, just in case the right occasion occurs... starting with four versions of one robe. All of which AH for upwards of 400g folks. There is the zomg-gief-now shininess or it's blue cousin from AQ - yeah go on, laugh... but who doesn't want the option to be Princess Leia sometimes? There is of course the other option but they're yellow and would clash with my hair... Though I could always dye my hair again I guess *ponders* (Pilf has dyed hair her to lessen her resemblance to her hated mother, in case you were curious) Actually, a confession on that line - when Shad wasn't Shad, back when she was Pilf the First, I had a real thing about my hair. Way back when (before Dual Spec *gasp*) I used to spec and respec depending on what was needed. Now respec used to top out at 50g a pop, but if you were Pilf the First you had to have different hair to go with your spec. So when she was healing she had long flowing straight hair and when she was evil shadow Pilf she had spikey hair (and bigger horns, this was also when she was a Dreanei) and my hairdresser bill got to be... well it was ridiculous and was in the hundreds of gold (I think hair change at 80 is 11g a pop?) Let's leave it at that for now.

I think we have established that yes, I'm shallow as a puddle, yes I'm so vain I have hidden shallows not hidden depths, but really, I have never managed to play a character for long that I don't like looking at. Let's start with the Alliance. Humans? Hated them - the men were steriody and scary and the woman just looked... off in some slightly undefinable way (and the Macarena dance thing /gah) Draenei's I have always loved. Yes, even the scarily large male versions. Gnome females - fine (as long as you are choosy about robes or can find an undershirt with umm... uplift...) gnome males, nooooooo, can't handle them at all. Dwarves are fab - I don't need to expand on this do I? Night elves - well we all know how much of a pointy-ear thing I have going on right? Then tell me - why are male night elves so unpleasant to behold? The first time I saw the Other Half's Nelf druid I nearly fell out of love with him. Seriously - why would you play such an ugly character - mind you the Other Half is the polar opposite of me - while I like to have my characters as attractive as possible, he (I swear) makes his as unattractive as possible. And, yes I'm sure there is room for amateur psychology there but I won't appreciate it if you open up that Pandora's box... Night elf females, yeah I do get it. Apologies to all the feminists out there but I do. And the dance I also get. I know that you're not supposed to want to be able to dance like the only thing missing is a pole, but darn it if it isn't fun sometimes.

The Horde. I think I've covered Belfs. We know how much I adore them (other than the mounts. C'mon Blizz, make a gorgeous race and then as a practical joke give them ridiculous mounts and not fix it before shipping, much??) I like Trolls, believe it or not; I think the male Troll dance owns everything. I do have two requests though - could the men not stand a little straighter, and please, for the love of all things, stop squatting! The Forsaken I also think are pretty good. They hit my goth buttons - what can I say. Mind you, we were having a discussion a few nights ago where someone commented that in the Chinese version of WoW they don't have bone joints sticking out. This I feel, would be a plus. Orcs I also like as well. They have that badass thang going on. I've never seen a dopey looking Orc. Not that I'd point it out if I had mind you! Which leaves us with Tauren. Hmm, I upset people in guild a while ago when I said that I just cannot bring myself to play one. It's the scratching. It really bothers me. Tauren warriors and DK are awesomesauce though. My PvP nightmare is that I go into a battleground and what's standing in front of my is row after row of huge Taurens wearing plate.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying (yet again) that it's so lovely to be playing somewhere where I can actually justify pretty clothes! And that I want an RP event soon so I can generally show off Pilf's lovely new stuff...!


  1. Hee! I know what you mean about wanting different hair for different specs. My BE priest is silver haired and Disc -- but if I ever decide to go Shadow with her, she'll probably go to the barbershop and get her hair colored black to go with it. I've also toyed with the idea of having my BE DK's haircolor reflect her spec -- that dark burgundy color for Blood, blue for Frost, and blonde for Unholy. She resisted that idea, though, because she wants to be blonde and Blood. O well. :P

    I'd like to get a Magisters set for my mage, too. She already has the Robes of Insight, and wears them even though the yellow-green color might be considered to clash with her copper-colored hair.

    Also, I've been loving your Grand Tour series.

  2. Oh, oh I'd never considered having hair to match your spec as a DK... so many possibilities! I fully intend to lobby for a hairstyle change that happens automatically with spec change though - never mind wanting a pony, I want Ghostcrawler to promise me that.

    And thank you for your kind words re the Grand Tour. I've been a bit 'stuck' recently but hopefully there will be another one soon!

    Pilf x

  3. My mage has red hair for fire and white for frost.. I am screwed if I go arcane :D

    Nice post hon :)

  4. I change my hair color/haircut regularly, but it's not according to spec, it mostly depends on my mood and the gear. For example, my druid cycles between white and green hair and 3 loose-hair-type haircuts (because druid tier is brown and other colors clash with it; I had blue hair for a while, looked horrible). My priest has a ponytail that's currently purple to match her BoA robe. My paladin however will always have black pigtails because they rock :D

    And it's strange how many of your robes are also on my wishlist... I was sad when my mage outgrew the one in the screenshots, I considered doing AQ for the sexy robe and a week ago I was squeeing over the spider robe. The spider robe in a screenshot made by a friend, who also loved it and wanted to immortalize it.

    I love being a girl in WoW :D
    (Although, even is Avilion and my priest are on an RP realms, I doubt I'll ever wear RP clothes, since I never, ever have enough space in my bags to unequip my regular gear.)

  5. I cart around my (changeable) RP outfits in my bags... but it does mean that I occasionally (read: often) run out of room!

  6. You really sound like you'd get along swimmingly with WoW Model Viewer ^^