Friday, 16 April 2010

Random blatherings.

I'm one of those people who really doesn't want to know about expansions before they hit. When Wrath was on it's way my household was interesting, divided as it was into the Other Half who wanted to know every detail about every new area and race, and as much incidental info as he could lay his hands on, and me who's view was 'lalalalalalalalala' *covers ears and eyes*. Now with Cata on it's way we're living through the same thing again. I agree with Jaedia (who, I must also advise you, has a wonderful blog full of shiny things - so go read now! Additionally, Kaorin, as well as being a wonderful priest full of healing awesomeness (except if you're a fail DK from TRoF) has an excellent sense of style. I'm sure she also has a blog of awesomeness but I can't find it...This is what happens, people, when you say I can name names on my blog!) in that most of the stuff about Cata I don't want to know. Especially as so much if the Old World is going to change. I want it to all be shiny and new (as far as that is possible).

I do confess to having read the class changes, but that's a different kettle of fish. Knowing what's going to happen to your class is not the same as knowing about new races and new areas. And I want to have gotten my QQ out the way as soon as possible. And, y'know, I decided that a lot of the changes really only matter if you're either PvPing or raiding. And since I'm doing neither, and it'll probably all change anyways (anyone else remember that priests were going to get Power Word: Barrier in Wrath, but oh, wait, it was too OP so we didn't, but now we will. Uh-huh... Hey we now have ponies (as promised by Ghostcrawler) though, so who knows!) and my ranty-pants still don't fit, I'm not bothering. But please, give priests shadow form earlier, kktnxbai.

But new areas I want to remain mysterious, hidden and full of wonder until I take my baby goblin (no, I will not be rolling a werewolf, sorry, worgen) and start exploring them. This makes surfing the WoW-web interesting to say the least. Especially as my home page is set to (I know this is deeply geeky, no need to point it out) and in my half awake state first thing in the morning, when the caffeine hasn't quite kicked in, I often get half way through an article before my brain wakes up and says 'noooooooo!' Fortunately I have a brain like a battered sieve so I usually forget.

This post had a point I'm sure, but it seems to have gotten lost. And as I have a raging eye infection (yay...) and am not technically supposed to be on the comp at all (did you know that you blink less frequently when you stare at a VDU which ain't that great for your eyes? Or do you think the Doc at A&E secretly plays Alliance and somehow divined that I play Horde and was just being mean? And I know it's going to be a fab weekend, weather-wise here and that I could be out in the sunshine but I'm massively photosensitive at present as well. And really, Jackie O shades and a huge sun hat really isn't a good look on me) I'm going to bugger off now and do... something else. Suggestions welcome!


  1. Erm. *hugs*
    Suggestions of what to do if you can't play WoW... Do they have to be clean? :P

    Oh, ok. erm. Knitting? Colouring in stuff? (don't laugh it is very relaxing) erm.. learn to play guitar and serenade Naofa :P

  2. Ouchies. Eye infection = yucky. You could... listen to lots of podcasts? The Archers omnibus in Sunday? Finish learning the Deceptacon dance? *eeebilchortle*

    I decided to pass on the Celestial Steed (or sparkle pony, I think I prefer that name) coz it doesn't do much for me, to look at. I did, however, purchase a Lil' XT. And there was no queue! (I mean WTF? A queue of 4000? For a digital download?? It's not even limited edition!)

  3. Haha, you're about as bad as me for going off on a tangent! That's exactly what our household was like before Wrath. Dan was CONSTANTLY checking MMO Champion, and I was very much *lalala NOT LISTENIGNDONTSHOWITTOMEEE* He also had a beta key. Think I was finishing off levelling my Hunter to 70 and sleeping a lot while he played beta!

    Yay sparkle ponies.

    Aaaand.. hmm.. you know I've been craving cross stitch and scrapbooking lately, but I can't afford to get the stuff to start! I guess you could watch some TV, rent things, TV is at least further away than the computer screen. Reading, second hand books on Amazon are decently priced. They are pretty much my PCless hobbies that don't involve food or cinema *nods* OOH! I'd also like to get into making plushies, not sure why.