Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My goodness - he's big!!

Ignore my interface please...

Woot - big-assed dead dude.

In case the above weren't hints enough - I killed Ragnaros tonight! For someone like me, a TBC gal, this is a big deal. Honestly, I never thought I'd see him killed. Kaorin, Random and the Other Half are hero(ine)s. My specialty was aggroing everything...

Bah, incoherent post is incoherent....

That place is stunning. And as if I had ever needed a reason to respect 40-mans.... it just confirmed what I thought. Having found 25-mans a struggle in the main, the effort and cohesion Molten Core must have required... I'm kind of not getting the words across. Maybe:

/cast Boggle
/cast Awe
/cast Respect

Yeah, that should do it. And thank the Fates - my quest item dropped as well. Plus I have a bag full of epic whatnots - some of which I need to sell and some of which, no doubt, will make it into Pilf's wardrobe. Incoherent post is still incoherent. I hope that the joy and wonder of tonight comes across.


  1. Sorry I missed it, got a bit distracted, by a different kind of big boy :P

    No! Not that kind, jeez you have such a filthy mind!!

    I was watching a film with muscley adolescents :P *blush*

    Glad you had such an awesome time :D gz on the Eye thing :)

  2. /ignore Issy. ;)

    Aaaanyway, snap!

    I had a genuine "ohcrap" moment when he spawned -- even though I knew we would probably be ok (what with the whole 20 levels thing) but still. Wow!

    It must have been an amazing fight back in the day.

  3. @ Issy - here's a funny thing... as I was writing the post title (through a haze of tiredness, exhilaration, happiness that Pilf doesn't heal and dumstruck awe at Kao's healing) I did wonder if anyone would turn it into innuendo *pointed look* ;p Glad you had a nice evening watching buff teenagers though...!!

    @ theanorak - sensible emote ;) I'd spent the whole run telling the Other Half not to tell me anything about Ragnaros... so when he spawned I had a good 30 seconds worth of woooooaaahh! Then I remembered I was meant to be doing some thing... what was it now... oh yes.... damage!

  4. glad you had fun :-D

    and congratulations again on the quest item, that will make a lovely addition to any future rp-outfits i'm sure!

    maybe Zul Gurub next? :->

  5. Thanks Kao - and seriously - awe at your healing powerz!! All I need to do now is the quest line. And yes, 100% we should go to ZG :)